The Bitter Soul

''Your face looks familiar, you're Sarah right''? No, I'm not Sarah. My name is Amanda. I replied to him with a broad smile.

''Oh, I see! You look like the lady in this picture. I have been keeping this picture for five years now. Hoping to meet her one day''. He dipped his right hand into his pocket and brought out his cellphone, going straight to his phone gallery to fetch the said picture. ''This is the picture, he said. ''You both look very much alike. Is she your sister? Or maybe you're related''. I could remember the exact place I took the picture, it was me in there. I tried as much as possible to hide what I was feeling inside. I can't mess my plan up right now. For the past five years, I have made this plan of revenge, nothing can stop me now.

Ohh, I wondered how the young man was able to recognize me after so many years. Even with all the makeup, I used in transforming my face, he still knew me. For three weeks now I have been monitoring him from a distance, looking for the best opportunity to strike. I guess today wasn't my lucky day, he was able to recognize me, but that wasn't going to stop my plan anyways. Looking at the mirror, I could see a woman full of bitterness. People always saw me as one cheerful person, but deep down I was living with anger and acridity. The only thing that was going to restore my full happiness was the revenge I wanted to carry out, so I thought. This was a great opportunity, I guessed. Being close to this young man was going to make my work easier. So, I decided to make him my friend, going close to him was the key.

The next day I went to his usual spot where he always come around to drink with friends. I bought myself a drink, sat down, and got busy with my cellphone, waiting for my target. Oh, there he comes! He walked in with two of his friends and went straight to their usual table. I never looked in their direction because I didn't want him to feel I came there because of him. Looking at my wristwatch now and then, wishing he could notice me. It was more than ten minutes, no sign of him on my side, ten minutes was like forever to me. Maybe he hasn't seen me, so I thought. Suddenly he appeared like a ghost, smiling sheepishly like someone who just won a jackpot. What's my business with his smiles, but I had to smile back anyways, acting all cool like everything was fine. He stretched out his hand for a handshake which I reciprocated. We exchanged pleasantries and phone numbers, and from that moment we became friends. This was simple, I thought it was going to be difficult, but mehn, I'm just glad it was quick.

A week later he called me on phone around 7:am in the morning, asking if I can visit him at his place. This was the sweetest thing ever. I had dreamt of this day, how can I refuse. No problem, just send me your address, that was all I said to him and hung up the call. The hour has come, I said to myself. I recalled how he dealt with me without mercy. He and I were once friends five years ago. He caused me pain and trauma, now that I have the opportunity to pay him back, I won't miss it. Straight to my wardrobe, there's this red short gown I had gotten ready for this particular day, I couldn't wait to get done with this whole madness. It didn't take me up to fifteen minutes, I got dressed and rushed to his house with the address he sent on my phone. On getting there, he welcomed me and brought me a drink from his fridge. Relax and feel free, he said. The word "feel free" rang a bell in my ears, the same word I heard five years ago. "Feel free," he said to me then, I thought I was with a friend but he turned out to be a monster in human form.

I looked at him with a smile, why did you call me here, I asked. ''I just want you to keep me company, that's all''. He replied. ''Have you drink my dear'', he added. Mere looking at the drink reminded me of how he drugged me five years ago. Never again, I said to myself. I was fully prepared this time. We got talking, he asked too many questions which I answered the once I could. One thing I never did was disclose information about my real identity, he believed I wasn't the girl in the picture he's been searching for. Can I use your bathroom, please? Yes, feel free, he said. I stood up, taking my handbag along, he directed me to his bathroom. In there, I wore my hand gloves, I managed to use handkerchiefs to cover my hands so that he wouldn't notice the gloves. I put my handbag by the side of the bathroom, brought out the dagger I came with, and hid it in my sleeve, where it would be easy to retrieve. It's like the tap is not running, can you help me and check, I said, just to trick him into coming inside the bathroom. Okay, let me check. He came inside the bathroom, I had to get behind to enable him to enter properly. 

Right there, I retrieved my dagger immediately, within a second my scarf was already on his neck with my dagger ready to tear his intestine apart. ''What are you doing? Who are you? what is going on''? Shut your trap, I said. I am Sarah, the girl in the picture. I am the girl you drugged, rapped, and beat up five years ago. I am the girl you caused pain, the girl you took away her joy and happiness. You took my pride and dignity, and you think I can forget? No way, today is your day of reconning, I said. He tried to overpower me with his manly strength, but the dagger with me didn't let him, I was ready to pierce his stomach with the dagger. I could see fear written all over him. All he could do was beg me for mercy. ''Look, you got the wrong person. I am not Moses, I'm his twin brother. Please spare my life. I did nothing to you''. Why then were you looking for me? Why? ''It's because Moses asked me to, he told me what happened. I'm so sorry, please. Moses is dead''. What?

I got weak immediately after I heard he was dead. I didn't realize when I loosened my grip on his neck, that the scarf I tied to his neck was already on the floor. He got back to his feet and took the dagger from me. ''Yes, Moses died the same day he got you molested. He was involved in an accident on his way to watch football. I got a call from one of our friends telling me to come to the hospital, when I got there, Moses confided in me. ''He told me that he did a terrible thing to one Sarah, he showed me your picture, which I have been using to search for you for the past five years. I'm very sorry for the pains my brother might have caused you, please forgive him so that his soul can rest in peace''. This was beyond me, I never knew that the young man I have been harboring in my heart was already gone. I could remember my words to him that day. "I cause you, Moses, you will die a painful death, I trusted you but you did this to me, you won't live to see the next day". Yes, I said those words and I meant them but never believed it was going to happen.

A vengeance they say is of the Lord. Karma is real indeed. Five good years of bitterness and anger. So Moses didn't live to see the next day! Strange right? Here am I, I would have murdered by killing his twin brother. I'm glad I didn't. To you reading this, what are you harboring in your mind? Who is it that has caused you bitterness and pain? It's time to forgive and let go. Let God fight your fight, he definitely will. No one deserves to die no matter their sins, God is the judge. Give him the chance to take charge of your pains, he is gonna heal and restore your joy completely. Give God a chance today. Learn to forgive and let go, vengeance is of the Lord.

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