The Blind Date Gone Wrong

Aisha's teenage daughter, Linda, and the nosy neighbor, Sheryl, insist that she gives love a chance again. They combine efforts to set her up on a blind date with Evans, the nice and rich bachelor. Aisha's attempts to go back into the dating world fall apart as she is set up on a date with a serial killer.

“Evans!” Gasping, my bleary eyes snapped open after hearing the deep abrasive voice. Fear and anxiety slowly filled each part of me. The deep, grim voice kept echoing as I gradually became conscious. Everywhere was dark, algid, and grisly. I moistened my chapped lips and groaned. It felt as though my head was a gong, and someone kept hitting it with a mallet. I had never had an excruciating headache like this before. Everything seemed strange. I was in the front seat of a car; guessing by how it was designed, I was convinced it was a sports car. My vision doubled as I stared at a dark steering wheel. 

A wave of shivers ran through my body, letting goosebumps erupt on my dark skin. The leather seat was unbelievably so comfortable, but yet I was still in so much agony. The question “what am I doing here?’’ filled my mind. My blue dress was smeared with dirt. While examining it, I noticed something. My eyes averted to my shoulder. I saw a white bandage carelessly wrapped around my upper arm. The white was smeared with a red substance. Blood. Whimpering, I began to panic’’. Oh God…’’. I never liked blood. My teenage daughter, Linda, believes I have hematophobia. I thought she was making up words until I researched the term. It was the fear of blood. Ridiculous. 

I don’t think my case is that deep. I just get slightly nauseous over the sight of blood. But why did I have an arm wound? This must be amnesia because I have no idea why, where, and how I got into a sports car parked in the middle of the forest at night. 

My left hand gingerly tried to examine the wound. Seeing the gory color of red, I gagged. I placed a hand over my mouth, retching loudly. My eyes caught a blue velvet purse by the driver’s seat. I could never forget that purse. Linda spent half of her allowance on it. When I scolded her for her lavishness, she commented’’. Baby girl lifestyle, Mummy. I have to embrace it”. I remembered her urging me’’. Mummy, you should wear this to your date. It goes well with your dress, and it gives the impression that you are fashionable’’. I flashed out of my reverie, figuring out the most important thing. I was on a date. But with who? From the dashboard, I picked up a business card. “EVANS MARTINS, CEO of CloudTech” was written on it. I muttered out the name’’. Evans…’’. Suddenly, my chest became clogged. It became impossible to breathe. I placed a hand on my chest as it heaved up and down. It was all coming back to me. 

Series of information flooding through my mind. ‘’Hi, my name is Evans”. Evans was a friend of my neighbor, Sheryl. She had the creative idea of setting us up on a blind date. A blind date? I wasn’t into that. How could I go on a date with someone I had never met? Linda persuaded me, stating that it was time to move on’’. Daddy died five years ago. It’s time to get back there’’. 

I had multiple opportunities to move on but never took them. I feared what my late husband’s family would say. ‘’She killed him so that she could roll in the sheets with another man”. With a little persuasion from Linda and Sheryl, I gave in and decided to go out with the man. Despite my anxious thoughts, I was determined to see him. Who knows, maybe this is my second chance at another love story. When I saw him step into the eatery, I knew my decision was right. His eyes were dark and lustful. His smile was genuine and wide. He was clean-shaven and had a nice haircut. He was tall, dark, and had an amazing muscular body structure. As my daughter would say, he was a spec. Although, it became a bother when his wolfish eyes were on me all night. Like every other blind date, it went south. 

Evans got touchy and inappropriate. His large hands continually swept over my backside. His ravenousness was finally exhibiting itself. I recalled when he leaned over and whispered with a hoarse tone’’. Aisha, do you want to go somewhere private?’’. I awkwardly smiled, but all I could think about was how unlucky I was. I excused myself to visit the restroom, which was going to be the start of my escape plan. My heart pounded harder and harder at every step I took toward the exit. Once I reached the parking lot, I exhaled out of relief. I had escaped. Now I would have to explain to Sheryl why I bailed on this date. Maybe I’m not ready to move on. Maybe I just need time. I tucked my hand into my purse to grab my car keys. Just then, I heard a familiar voice behind me. 

‘’Where are you going?’’. My mouth was left ajar when he held me from the back. How did I know it was him? His cocoa butter smell. Both enticing and fearful at this point… I began to stutter as fear filled each part of me’’. I-I…. I wasn’t….’’ He spoke again, this time his voice was deeper’’. Don’t make me use this on you’’. This? What is the ‘this’ you’re talking about? I felt something poking at my lower back. The gun sent shivers down my spine. This had officially gone from bad to worse. A blind date went wrong. He spun me around to face him. I got a clear view of his lunacy-filled eyes. They were dark and wide. Contrary to the ones that I had met at first. 

I nodded, ready to comply with everything he was saying. But I had no idea what he wanted. My body or money? ‘’I’ll c-o-ooperate’’. I shakily agreed to his terms. His tongue swept across his lower lip, and he nodded’’. Good’’. He grabbed me by my arm and pushed me forward’’. Move’’. He commanded. He led us to a sleek black sports car. I had always wanted to drive a sports car but not in this situation. This car was going to lead me to my death. He couldn’t possibly want money. It seems that he had a lot of it from what I could see. Or was he going to use me as a sacrifice? Once I got into the car, my eyes averted to each side of the car, looking for a weapon. 

The only reasonable thing I could see was a rusty screwdriver. I instantly picked it up and hid it by my side. I was in a hurry to fight, and my manicured fingers were trembling. Once he stepped into the car, he smiled’’. We’re going to go for a little ride, Aisha’’. I clenched my teeth and immediately went in for action. My grip tightened around the handle as I prepared myself. ‘’You’re going to have a swell time, I, Ah!_’’. I jabbed the weapon into his arm, and he released a loud yell and expletive. Taking advantage of his pain, I took the chance to open the door and ran. I kept running but where to? There was no shelter. A gunshot was heard, and I collapsed to the dirty ground. He shot me. 

Laid on the dirty hard ground, I let out a cry of pain. The pain slowly began building in my arm. My eyes moved to my arm, where I noticed the red substance.’’. Oh God, no’’. ‘’Nonsense!’’. I heard his hoarse voice coming closer to me. I could imagine him prowling toward me. He dragged me by the hair. I cried out in pain, pleading’’. Please’’. With force, he landed the gun on my temple and the next thing…. Darkness. 

I shuddered and zapped out of my reverie. That explained three things. One, my date was either a killer or an abductor. Two, he shot me, and three, he knocked me out with his gun. Bingo. I was paralyzed with fear for a while. I thought about it “I could die before sunrise.” This man could kill me. But where’s the monster right now? He couldn’t possibly go through all of that trouble and leave me alone. I peered around, searching for the devil in disguise. I had seen television shows like this before. Victims never came out alive. I refused that to be my fate. I had a daughter to live for. 

Strangely, the door was left unlocked. Everything about this seemed crafty and tricky. I let out a “Thank God.” I moved forward to get my purse, where I noticed that my phone was missing. The fact that my ATM and naira notes were still left in the purse proved that he wasn’t doing this atrocious act for money. It made him more dangerous. If he didn’t want money, what did he want? I stepped out of the car and stood on my wobbly legs. There was no sign of the monster, which could make my escape plan better. But I was practically in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by tall trees and vegetation. How far would I go with my body in pain? 

 For Linda, I would have to. I took a determined step forward, thinking solely of my daughter. She needed me. Yes, my teenager thinks she’s a grown-up adult, but she’s 15 and still in need of a mother. Thinking about my perky teenager helped me, and gave me a reasonable amount of strength. With pain rushing through my body, I limped and floundered. ‘’Aisha!’’. I froze at the sound of my name. I knew it was him because it sounded so monster-like. I spun around. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was pissed. My arms and legs began to tingle in fear. He took to his heels, rushing towards me. I let out a scream and began to run. Yes, I was in a ton of pain, but the idea of being held by this man terrified me. My short legs were a disadvantage, also the fact that the pain was overwhelming. 

I yelled out for help while running’’. Help me! Someone help me!”. No help. Who would be in the forest by this time? He tackled me to the ground, and I was back in his arms. My jaw hit the hard dirt ground. I tried to get up, but his punch sent me back to the floor. My vision doubled, and I could taste something metallic in my mouth. Great, more blood. ‘’Don’t move’’. He commanded in a low, raspy tone. Tears streamed down my cheeks’’. Please, don’t kill me’’. His fingers trailed along my cheeks, and a sorrowful expression appeared on his face; his eyes were dewy’’. I won’t kill you, Aisha. I won’t even hurt you’’. ‘’What do you want?’’. In desperation, I began to cry. His fingers caressed my cheek’’. No, no, no, don’t cry’’. I shut my eyes tightly as I went full-on weeping. 

‘’I said don’t cry!’’. He cried out with his fists clenched. He slammed it to the ground, a few inches away from my face’’. PLEASE!’’. I sucked in my lips, whimpering and shuddering in pain. The last thing I needed was his anger. Who knows what might happen? A bullet to my head? He stood up from the floor and dusted his backside. ‘’Get up’’. He dictated. There was no sight of a gun beside him. This was God giving me another chance to fight. Yes, he’s stronger than me, and yes, I have a gunshot wound. But he didn’t know how much I had to fight to be alive. I slammed my foot into his groin. He let out an expletive and doubled up, exclaiming in pain. I didn’t stop there. I tightened my fist and knocked it straight to his throat. 

Power death move. That had to hurt. My hands picked up the first defense object I could see. A dusty branch. I landed it on his head; hopefully, that would knock him out. He let out more sounds of pain. I took advantage of his pain and ran. My short legs took me to an uncompleted building. There was no sign of the main road or any other building. This was my place of haven. I was not only fatigued but was feeling light-headed. My eyes were getting heavy. I needed to catch my breath, to try to gather strength before I thought of my next move. I leaned against the wall and took deep breaths. ‘’God, please’’. I pleaded to my maker’’. Please, help me’’. I thought of Evans and the possibility of emerging. What if he’s not dead? What if he’s out to get me? ‘’AISHA!’’. There was my confirmation. 

My heart rate quickened after hearing his voice. My eyes averted left and right, searching for a hiding place. I eventually found a door and skulked right in. I locked it and stayed as quiet as a mouse. The building is too big. He won’t find me here. Hopefully. ‘’Aisha!’’. He growled. Goosebumps erupted on my skin. Fear had finally robbed me of my ability to think properly. It was weird that I could feel his presence in the room. The shivers I felt gave me confirmation that he was close to me. My heart was beating hard against my ribcage. Beads of sweat slowly fell from my head down to my cheeks. The doorknob was held. He was too close to me. I sucked my lips in and shut my eyes tightly, trying hard to stay quiet. Then I heard a huff, and he let out a sound of frustration. Guessing by the footsteps receding from the area, I knew he had given up. I let out a sigh of relief. 

I ran my murky hand through my disheveled hair’’ Thank you, Jesus’’. I muttered with teary eyes’’. Please give me strength’’. I reached out for the doorknob and made the mistake of stepping out of my hiding place rather too quickly. My entire body shut down. My eyes widened at the sight of Evans. Cue the heart racing. He had the gun pointed at me, directly aimed at my forehead. One move, I’ll be dead. I would never see my daughter again or meet my grandkids; I would never get to plan Linda’s extravagant wedding. His face cracked up with a smirk. I gulped as soon as I heard him cackle at my misery. He clicked his tongue’’. I’m going to say it again. Don’t. Play. With. Me’’. He muttered with a pause between each word. It was crystal clear. He wasn’t bluffing. His words translated into “Make a fool of me again, and I will kill you.” It was simple. All I could think about was how this blind date had gone very wrong.

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