The Blood Of Jesus: What Exactly Does It Do

Get a better Scriptural perspective of the Blood of Jesus So you don't make use it wrongly!

If the only thing you know about it, then this write-up is definitely for you. To begin with, Exodus 12:12, where we got the impression/ idea to use as prayer, " I cover myself with the blood," has a lot to explain. Firstly, in that scenario, it was the blood of animals that were in operation, not Jesus's own. That was what was sprinkled on the door post. Note that it was in the old testament, and they were mostly dealing with animal blood. Fast forward to the New Testament, and what we now have is the Blood of Jesus. Remember blood was for payment, Ransome for sin commute. That was why it needed to be shed whenever there was a sin. Hebrews 10:4 tells us that the blood of those animals wasn't enough to take away sins. Meaning that despite all those spilling, we were still not cleansed completely. It requires a superior force- the blood of God to do the job perfectly.

From Mathew 26:28, we can establish clearly that blood is for the remission of sins. Therefore, you are righteous by the blood (Romans 5:9). The blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Secondly, the blood speaks - it says something when it is in operation. Hebrew 12:24("......And to The blood of the sprinkling that speaketh better things than the blood of Abel"). We don't speak for it; rather, it speaks for us, and what is it saying? "not guilty, not guilty." Revelations 12:11says, "and we overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimony") So what exactly did we overcome? Accusations of the enemy. The devil is referred to as the accuser of the brethren. So here is the surprising thing: even when we are wrong, Satan still has no legal grounds to accuse us because the blood of Jesus clears all charges and accusations! Powerful, isn't it? Indeed Grace is deep. This is why we must have this consciousness and constantly engage it. This is the reason why you are called the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. There are a lot of wrong ways we have used to engage this weapon in prayer, but with a clearer understanding, the perspective should change. One of the ways we partake in this blood is through communion. We are bringing ourselves to its consciousness. So beloved brethren, let's actively engage this.

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