The Boy

The almajiri poem...The boy who tenders himself; The boy who tendrils himself; He wonders; Around and across;

The boy who tenders himself
The boy who tendrils himself
He wonders
Around and across

He settles for even less than crumbs
The child who has no choice, future, or plan

But the hope of living to feed
And see another God-giving day
With a dogged heart
He has his dream kept at bay

He who knows not the cruel fate
But accepts it gladly
Given away clandestinely
To a teacher, very neglecting
A child debarred from the route to destiny

One who has stories of adventures to tell
At a tender age
His story of...
A tiny feeble body
Pivoted on a weak waist

A story of endless tours
In the scorching furnace above
Of red, blistered feet in ragged clothing
Exposing cold naked bodies

He lives a life of endless requests
Daily! Daily! Singing
The songs of beggars
"Allaro iya! Wayidi!
Gaya ko ba miya
Nayi bara ban samu ba
Wayidi ya!
Ko dan kanzo ma"
This story still unheard of in the wilderness
Trumpeting cacophonous becomes obsolete
The gospel lives on, always prophesied.

Theophilus Philemon Amana

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