David Nwaugo 10 months ago

The Broken Promise

"The Broken Promise" is a heartbreaking poem that speaks of the pain and heartache of a betrayed love. The poet expresses the deep sense of loss and abandonment they feel as they remember the promises that were made and the love that was shared. The memories of the past seem like a distant dream, and the tears that are shed remind the poet of the day when their heart was broken. The pain and sorrow that the poet feels are palpable, and the imagery used is vivid and poignant. The poem ends with a sense of resignation and a desire to move on, though the scars of the past will always remain.

With every beat of my heart,
I feel the ache tearing me apart,
For you promised to always stay,
But now you're gone, so far away.

The memories we shared,
The love that we bared,
All seem like a distant dream,
As I drown in this endless stream.

The promises we made,
The love that we pledged,
All lost in the winds of change,
As I stood here, alone and estranged.

The tears that I shed,
The pain that I dread,
All remind me of the day,
When you broke your promise and went away.

Now I'm left with a broken heart,
Torn apart and falling apart,
As I try to pick up the pieces,
Of a love that has long since ceased.

So here I am, standing alone,
With a heart that's turned to stone,
As I try to forget the past,
And move on, at last.

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