The Broken Wings (chapter One)

Being loved is heavenly but it has its ups and downs. When you are in love with the right person, it's heaven on earth but if it's with the wrong person, hell in hell..A story of two lovers in a world of betrayal.

"Baby, please don't leave me," Francis screamed out of his sleep. He woke up suddenly, checking the time from the wall clock in his living room. Francis had come back from his office so tired that he dozed off on the sofa while watching the news. He quickly reached out for his phone and dialed his friend's number. ' Hello Franco,' he heard his friend from the other side.' How you dey'? Kelvin asked. "oh boy! I saw her again" "Who"? "Sandra"! There was a brief silence at the other end before kelvin could utter a word " not again"!

Frank had met Sandra during his third year at the University. He was a medical student, while Sandra was a law student in her second year. It was love at first sight for the love birds. In no time, they become inseparable. Everyone on the campus talks about their love. Day in and day out, their love blossomed. Sandra was in her early twenties when she met Frank. Frank was everything she could ever ask for; loving, caring, understanding, intelligent and good-looking. It was her dream come true.

The love between them was heavenly. Frank was the only male child of Dr.and Dr.Mrs. Thompson. Being the last child out of three children and the only male, they dotted so much love for him; he was never denied anything he wanted. Life sometimes has a way of dealing with someone.

He grew up thinking life was a bed of roses.

To be continued....stay tuned.

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