The Celestial Power Of Imagination

The earthman will be relatively inept without the power of imagination, in the World of gross matter.

The beauty of the material realm so absolute is a result of a master craft who, from this invincible realm, created a masterpiece now called the universe and commissioned man to continue the acts of creation by inputting into a man his creative abilities, so that man who will be a prototype of his creator may sustain the good works of creation from this hidden realm; this l called " Creative Software" from whence the beauty of man evolves. No power can restrain that which a man imagines doing; there is a force so unrelenting, empowering the man with creative pictures in his mind. 

Any product you see in the earth realm first existed in the invincible realm; imagination first contacted it in the celestial realm and was revealed to the human realm by the effort of the ephemeral man. Anyone who must be rich must do so by building his mind richly, through inspiration received by knowledge, gaining and gathering power thereon, where access is gained into the supernatural realm if he so understands the assets embedded in creative imagination.

There are two kinds of imagination.

1. Evil/destructive imagination

2. Pure / Creative imagination 

All evil or good that happens on earth are pictures once impressed upon the mind of the executor, as this becomes a daily concern to him, where he intentionally maps out strategies aided by elemental forces to execute the revelation of images already captured from that unseen realm. All beautiful artifice, all beautiful architectural edifice, all inventions, all kinds of literature ever written, all technological discoveries, all works of science, whatever beauty we behold, all bad and ugly things we see, are transmitted from the realm of imagination, including those that will be.

Meditation is a similar act, but it's the process of productive imagination. Meditation leads to imagination. During meditation, you gain concentration and access to the heavenly through the soul, this process you receive signals which form images in your mind at this point.


1. Take time to meditate always before making any important decision in your life.

2. Seek knowledge in any area of concern; you gain access to productive imagination by knowledge. 

3. The images you picture you can feature. 

4. To receive anything, you have to see it; you can only see through the eyes of meditation through imagination. 

Great men, men of power, and renowned are men given to meditation and imagination. Don't be irrational; the blind can do nothing except the eyes are lighted; the eyes can only see what the mind can process; the mind is the connector between meditation and imagination in this regard. Go for knowledge, do meditation to receive divine signals, and let imagination take root, day after day, brick upon brick, you will realize that you have already built for yourself a beautiful architectural edifice.

I hope you are blessed by this article. Thank you.  

O'POLO, Theophilus 

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