The Church Episode.

The Church Episode: Tells of a short and funny episode I had in church...

This woman that sat beside me at church yesterday was spirit-filled. She kept blasting in tongues and vibrating during worship.

Time for prayers came after the sermon, and Hallelujah! Spirit took over again. It was so intense this time; she gave her little baby of about 8months to me to avoid stories that touched her. For the 15minutes the child was with me, she was calm for about ten minutes. I began to wonder why she wasn't crying and asking for her mum. 

I stopped wondering when I discovered she was enjoying the funny faces I was giving while taking her cerelac."Ahh, mama, you're eating too much o. Now now that this aunty carried you, you have finished half tin of cerelac. Anyways, you've eaten for today since you don't like breast milk, and I'm too tired to go to the market today".

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