The Connection Between A Peaceful Home And A Child's Academic Performance

Many times l have seen some parents blame teachers and generally the school for the poor academic performance of their children; little did they know that the way they relate with their spouse at home could also have a great effect on their child's academic performance.

Having taught in schools for several years now, l have seen children who have been changed from one school to the other with the aim of them improving their academics, yet proving abortive. A close walk with these children has opened my eyes to the fact that the happenings at the home front are also another factor that could cause a setback in their academics.

They find it hard to concentrate when you are teaching. They will be busy thinking of what is happening at home or what is yet to happen. Some children even prefer their parents to be divorced instead of living like cats and dogs. Some cry every night because they feel alone. The only company they have is their tears because their parents fight a lot at night. 

When you live in love and peace with your spouse, you help your child in every area of his life, including their academics. Parents give peace and love a chance in their home, if not for anything, for the child. For it takes an emotionally stable child to succeed in any area of his life, including academically.

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