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Our shortcomings are not mere coincidence but it is as a result of our negligence. The presence of our strength should not be undermined.

Knock! Knock!! "Who is there?" "It is me, your strength" kindly open up. "Oh! It's you again, I thought I told you I don't want you around anymore" "Yeah, I know but I can't keep quiet or pretend like nothing is wrong. You are beyond all these" "You can't dictate to me. Not right now. Where were you when I was always rejected? Where were you when I was left alone in the dark to die? Where were you when I was lied against? Where were you when everything I did was never appreciated? Where were you when I was forced to do what I didn't want to do? Where were you when I was assaulted sexually? Where were you when my leg got amputated? Huh? Answer me, where were you? Better let me be and let me end everything right now!"

"Hmmm, I can't let you be, I'm sorry. Though you had gone through several thorns and I can see your heart bleeding. I've been around, I never went anywhere. Remember that time you rescued a child from drowning? it was so magnificent. How about that time you returned the stacked cash in your taxi to the right owner? You drove several kilometers for that. Let me remind you again, how about when the recent shooting happened, several people needed blood and you went ahead to donate some? how selfless that was. Do not forget the sad child you sacrificed your last cash to feed him? How about that particular time you sacrificed your leg for the life of that little child you saved from the fire? Have you realized how easy it is for you to render help, but how difficult it is for you to accept being helped?"

"Please, do not make me have a change of heart. I did all that because they were the right thing to do. I can't be a help and lack what I give out at the same time. It is so unfair" "You can't lack what you give out. You can only have more than enough of what you give sacrificially. And what you have is "Love", which is a rare virtue that cannot be seen in most. So do not be depressed by your show of affection because all will amplify soon" "I'm not sure I can go on anymore. This stigmatization is killing me. I wasn't born a cripple, life had its way so why am I being blamed?"

"Be patient, time will tell. You are stronger than you look, don't belittle yourself in any way. Besides, you still have more to do" "I can't go on by myself, I am weak" "Let me in and help you up. I will always be by your side, I promise" This present time holds a lot of dark happening but don't get absorbed by the vices, instead, be deliberate to hold on to God for He will never leave you nor forsake you since He's your present help. 

Don't change your ways because of what the world had painted you to be, your identity is not in their approval but God's. I love you.

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