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The Country I Visited That Turned Out To Be Nothing Like How It Is Depicted.😯

My experience while in Jordan...(A little long read but totally worth the read)Two months ago...

My mum was in the sitting room, singing the Methodist hymn book. She loves passing the time with songs and the bible. As I sat on my computer browsing away, a message popped up. Follow low me closely; we're going to the main gist. An American woman sent me an email after watching my videos on YouTube. Normally I do not bother responding to emails because it was quite draining to respond to all messages, but I responded to her email. Good day, Esther. I am Cassandra Cole. Good content you have there with a beautiful voice. Can I be your friend? I would really love to support you with a camera and all the video instruments to take your video creation to the next level. "she sent to me. "Oh yes! This is exactly what I want. Sponsor ." I exclaimed"

After some days, Mrs. Cassandra Cole and I were like we've known each other for years. I felt at peace with her. She asked me about myself, whether I'm from a middle or lower-class family, and I responded. Thank God I told the truth. Yes, I told her everything about myself. I had trusted God for the opportunity to live outside Nigeria, and connecting with such an amazing woman was like a dream come true. She was the exact piece to complement my desire. After a month of talking and talking on a video call, she asked me a terrifying question. Will you love to visit any county if I'm ready to sponsor you? To be sincere, the question was terrifying. Thought of leaving my parents and siblings for another country rings inside my heart every second. But looking at the situation, who knows, maybe my prayer has been answered. I sent her a video note on Whatsapp telling her I would love to visit Jordan.

Why Jordan? Why not the UK? "She asked," I want to visit where JESUS was BAPTIZED. "I replied, "I've been so excited, though she told me that Jordan is a very boring place, not like UK or Us. Having left Nigeria last week to Jordan for a visit. Today makes it one week in Jordan. I received a phone call from Mrs. Cassandra Cole telling me that she would be in Jordan in the next 3 hours. I ran to my hotel room, bathed, and I started searching for the best outfits, at least to look sweet for Mrs. Cassandra Cole. Yes, I knew I must look stunning, so I walked towards where I dropped my luggage and picked a nice outfit. After wearing it, I walked straight to the mirror to look at my reflection, style my hair, and apply a little bit of makeup with body spray. Immediately after I finished dressing up, she called me to say that she had arrived in Jordan and that I should meet her at RUSSIAN Pilgrim Residence. Baptism Site, Jordan River Baptism. Getting to the hotel, I walked majestically to the barman and gave out my invitation card, and he directed me to her. Getting to her, I was surprised to meet Mrs. Susia Carswell and Carolyn parker. They both welcomed me with a usual hug and kissed my forehead. You are more beautiful than in photos". They smiled. I smiled, took up the glass of wine they offered me, and took a sip. "You are a good writer; I must commend you. I'm your top fan" they both laughed, and I appreciated them with a smile.

Esther, I noticed that you Shared your personal story a lot; what are your inspirations? Carolyn Parker asked. I responded that my inspiration is from my daily activities, and I shared my personal story to inspire people." just that?" She asked. Yes, ma, nothing more." I replied as I scratched my hand to get a glass of wine from the barman. Susia Carswell is a lapsed parachutist and a Novelist. A beautiful woman that likes commenting on my posts. Picture loading..... meeting and eating with great personalities is such an experience I'll never forget when it comes to food, oh my goodness! I was most in love with their Poha, with some Chivda and Chick Peas. It's called rice and bean here in Nigeria but not our type of rice and beans mbok.😏When it's dinner, I love Chilli Chicken (Dry) for appetizers. Followed by Butter Chicken, Naan, and Jeera Rice.

Frankly speaking, I chose Jordan for a visit because it's boring … or I thought it was anyway. Then why did I intentionally choose a boring place for a visit? Well, it was cheap and also … a boring place is good when you hardly see people because then you get to chill instead of running around to do activities. Turns out I was wrong as it was anything but boring. I realized that we found a hidden gem that the internet didn't do justice to. Every depiction I've seen in my research was very limited and downplayed what can be seen and done around the country. Where do I start? Looking up Jordan, the vast majority of websites and the recommendations I heard from others all focused on one thing. This amazing masterpiece here: Turns out that:

- The monument above is only a part of a large ancient city buried inside mountains!

The building behind me, which is carved in a mountain, is called the treasury. When I saw it in the pictures, I was scared; you drive there with a car, stop to take a look, snap a few pictures, then drive back home. Let me tell you this… it was not that simple! The treasury is hidden deep inside mountains in a large ancient city. To get there, you're in for a decent hike! I walked with Mrs. Cassandra Cole, Mrs. Susia Carswell, and three other beautiful ladies for five hours between mountains, finding numerous ruins right and left on our way, varying in sizes and shapes. Everywhere we looked, there were holes, doors, ruined buildings, and so on: Not only that, but we discovered that there is another monument that looks very similar to the treasury itself. And that would be the monastery below. That was a pleasant surprise for sure. And despite hiking around for that long, we still didn't cover nearly everything that was around, which is why Mrs. Cassandra insists that she wants to go back the next day.

- Forget about the ruins; that place was a mountainous wonder!

I never really imagined that I could see that many different shapes of mountains in such a small area. In our hike alone, we saw mountains in all shapes, colors, and sizes:😯 Moving more around the country, we saw even more diverse mountains:

- There is something to see nearly everywhere.

When we had no clue of what to see in an area, I would look up what could be done around, and we always found something interesting. One time we found a castle: And one time, we came across a Roman theatre, something I never expected to see in Jordan..oh, my Jesus! And one time, we came across large hot springs and waterfalls:

-Heavy religious heritage.

I didn't know that the Jordan River and the surrounding area have great Christian symbols. Yeah! I'm a Christian, but I didn't know that. We got to see the place where Jesus was supposedly baptized, along with a few areas he supposedly passed by:

-The desert is pretty different.

Being an Akwa Ibomite, and growing up in Nigeria, I've seen nothing but desert in my life, really. So I had no expectations in that regard. But who knew that sand could actually impress me? In Wadi Rum, a famous valley in Jordan, the sand was so red that it stained my socks for good! It was like nothing I'd seen before. I would definitely recommend hiking up one of the hills and taking in the red view. Anyhow, The reason I didn't mention any negatives about Jordan is that they were exactly as was depicted to me my whole life since I live in a very similar country. If I am asked about them, I would answer without issues. It's very under-represented, in my opinion, and that's why most people have little opinion on it. But I would definitely recommend it for someone who fancies sites like the ones I mentioned. After we were all tired of exploring Jordan, I walked down the lane to my Hotel room. Getting into the room, I flopped lazily on the bed, thinking about the adventure I went to and thanking God with a weak voice for his blessings so far.

And then the room telephone rang; I picked up the pillow and placed it over my head, folding the ends of the pillow over my ears to block the ringing sounds because I wasn't in the mood to talk, and I was very weak to walk down to the table where the telephone was. But blocking my ear didn't help as the telephone continued ringing. I had no option but to walk to the table where the telephone was, reach out to the telephone, and answer the call.

"Hello, good evening, Miss Esther. We trust you are comfortable. Please, what would you like for dinner? Anchovies Fry? Squid? Mussels? Tapioca? Aviyal? Kinnathappam? Nendran banana chips? "I don't need anything. I will let you know when I'm hungry ." I said. "Alright, ma, do have a good night's rest." And dropped the call as I walked into the bathroom to take a warm shower. I came out, changed into my nightwear, and laid back on the bed, wrapping myself with the beautiful pink color duvet as I slept. Normally, I don't sleep the whole night without waking up, So around 2 am, I woke up and stayed for a few minutes, dragging away the beautiful duvet as I got out of the bed. I walked to the desk, picked up my laptop phone, moved back to the bed, sat down comfortably, and placed my back against the bed. "I need a plate of Mushroom Do Pyaza. to keep the writing flowing," I thought as I dragged myself out of bed again, picked up the phone, and placed an order.

As I sat back on the bed, writing down this story of my visit to Jordan, I just shared it with you. I heard a knock on the door. Who is there? "I asked" Your food? She replied. Come in; she walked in and dropped the food on the table with a note. "Hope this makes your mouth watery; eat healthy, stay strong., God Bless you" from Mrs. Susia, Cassandra, and Carolyn. I will be back in Nigeria next month. For now, I am in my boring room, eating spaghetti with chicken and Fanta that I just finished cooking. Do you mind joining me? πŸ˜‹you just read a Fictional story I wrote this morning while in my boring space.

Β©Esther Antain

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