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The Day I Will Never Forget.

I learned my lessons in a tough way..."Speak! Speak!! I say speak!!!" Said the pastor.

"Speak what?" Confused, I answered. I was still thinking 🤔 of what this pastor meant by speaking when I felt his fingers in my ears. Oh, Jeez! You can imagine the pains I went through; I couldn't shout, so I didn't get tagged as a witch! "I am Yetunde, sir," 😰 I voiced out as I didn't want my ear drum blocked. "I say you should speak what is in you," He replied. Oh! Now, I understand. This pastor wanted me to speak or confess to what I didn't do or have! My God! 

After much effort from him to make me fall, which I didn't, all thanks to my cousin that we went together for the revival as she opened her eyes and was signaling to me not to fall. The pastor later left me for another candidate, or should I say, the next client? The next thing I heard from the speaker was, "I am the one ooo; please deliver me." My cousin and I left the church before they finished the revival. When we got home, she explained my ordeal to the family, and they all made jest of me because I said that I was looking for a powerful church to attend. 

I told them that attending a powerful church is not bad, but I should have made my findings before attending the church, which I didn't do. After that scenario, in any program I attend and see the pastor coming closer to me, I move far from the pastor to avoid speaking about what I didn't do. I don't just attend programs and churches anyhow, no matter where I am. I learned my lessons the hard way! 😂


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