The Day My Big Uncle Raped Me

Do you think he rapes me? Are you astonished? ⁣I vividly recall what happened at this particular time. Want to know? Follow me.⁣..

The incident took place early in the month of July 2020, when I lost my grandma. ⁣Having buried her and done other related ceremonies, my uncle and I traveled to the village for the traditional burial. Arriving at the village, we were welcomed by relatives, friends, and neighbors. Afterward, the date of the traditional burial was fixed.⁣ A day after our arrival, I met those I was supposed to meet and continued with my introverted life.

After one week, my uncle was seriously sick, and he was told that it was due to the change in food, water, environment, and the feeling of missing his mother. ⁣ For close to 2 weeks, he was always indoors. He missed his birthday celebration. As of that time, I was the only person that cooked his food, washed his clothes, and gist with him. We got so close that if we were not from the same family, you would think otherwise.⁣

⁣However, before I knew what was happening, it had blossomed into intimacy as he was beginning to be emotionally attached to me. As of then, he was a chronic masturbator. He used to masturbate four to five times a day. It was so pathetic. So, when the feeling of intimacy got registered in his mind, the situation was horrible and terrifying. It became a ritual for him to masturbate at night. ⁣After the month's end, he was back on his feet. The burial date was postponed by elders and relatives.

⁣⁣The first week in the month of July, As our custom was, we went to the river together, fetched water and fetched firewood from the forest, and went to the farm to get cassava for garri and palm fruit for producing palm oil, etc.⁣ Later that evening, as we were playing table tennis, with my innocent mind, I sat on his lap. At this point, he could not control himself ⁣anymore. To satisfy his lust, he put me on his lap many times and masturbated in the process. He was so determined to sleep with me that he envisaged raping me if the first plan did not work. ⁣

⁣He said he was ready for whatever the consequences would result from his action. This decision made him do a lot of crazy things. He was supposed to rape me that night, but God intervened, and he lost the urge. Today, I'm so grateful that he didn't rape me. I thank God for this.⁣ Do you think he raped me? Yes, he did. He did that from the very first day he conceived the thought in his mind. It is not until you watch pornography that people claim you do or call you a porn addict. It starts right from the day you register it in your subconscious mind.

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