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The Day That Changed My Life

An encounter like interview arouse a bigger strength in me and since then I am yet to overcome it.

How on earth can I forget the 27th of August,2018? It was a Sunday. I can still remember vividly what happened to me that changed my orientation, mindset, and pursuit in life. Being a direct entry (D.E) student, I entered school with the motive of graduating with good grades, getting a well-paid job, and getting married to a spiritual, handsome, and pocket-loaded brother.. smiles sheepily, I actually didn't have a bad plan. Or did I? But something changed along the line. I gained admission in early January and what changed my life totally happened to me in the second semester of 200L. I have to confess to you that I haven't gotten over it, only that I have been getting more convinced. 

 *****A short break*****I have to tell you this so you can understand me very well. I joined the fellowship workforce by the leading of God and my convictions; I was placed in the Bible study unit at the end of the retreat. I was over joyous and sad at the same time. Overjoyous because I will learn more, know God, and of course, the Bible more. Sad because at that time, there was literally nothing or little I knew about the Bible, and I have stage fright like...hmmm... Organize group discussion of small group and ask me to talk, I can't because at the end, my voice will be shaking like a cold worst as that. 

How then will I be able to face over 100 students of the fellowship to tell them about the Bible? Along the line, the Holy Spirit helped me alongside my boss at the unit; if you attended school fellowship, you would understand. We are not going to how I overcame stage fright today. There is always this interview conducted for workers for choosing new executives. So, we were asked to wait after service on Sunday for the interview. I waited like others.

Makinwa Yetunde from the Bible study unit. The PRO, sis Ajoke, called out. Ma! I answered and stood at the executive front, waiting for them to tell me to sit. You may sit, ma'am. Thanks. Can we meet you, please? My name is Makinwa Yetunde, Bible study unit from kiladejo hostel, department of... Okay, Mama, thanks for answering all our questions. I want to ask this, is there any gift in you or something God gave you, and you know it? Sis Bisi, the sister coordinator, asked. Yes, ma'am, I know I can write, but I stopped writing and never trained myself. In fact, I have given up on writing. My parents are not in support. No, ma, you have to go back to God and seek His directives. There is a reason this is coming out at this time. Sis Bisi counseled me. Thanks, Mama.

After that encounter, like an interview, I prayed my heart out, and the result was a constant headache. I ran to meet our worker's coordinator and one of my spiritual fathers to explain everything to them. I felt at ease, and my headache was gone after many prayers, counsels, and divine directions. The interview encounter didn't stop at the prayer held then because from leading, I was asked to wait till the appointed time, and when it's the time, I will know. My first official training was with Coach Tosin Adegoke during Covid-19, where I was able to write three stories but didn't author any due to financial constraints. I decided to hold on till after school before I continued with writing. After school, I asked God, received a go-ahead, and since then, I have been going through training and writing constantly. My Facebook wall is a confirmation of my constant writing, and I pray for more. I am getting better every day.

The interview day changed my life.

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