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The Dead Baby

There's a Dead Baby at the back of our house. However, the baby was faceless; would people recognize whose child it was? My name is Omotayo, and everyone knows how much I hate noise, so they tried to be quieter.

When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Well, except for my annoying elder brother, Kunle. Kunle is an upcoming musician, so he rehearsals with his musical instruments almost every day. His songs are terrible, and his sounds too? Trash!

My father isn't much of a disturbance. We can conclude he's very much in his world. His life cycle is to eat, sleep, go to work, and that's pretty much everything. My Mother? A housewife. But as busy as a bee. Always gisting with our neighbor Mama Funke, who is also a housewife like her. But I am okay with my mom, too, as long as she stays out of my business. I know you must be wondering why I detest loud sounds; I would tell you for free. I have always been a loud person, kinda. I love playing songs with speakers, so that makes me a loud person, yeah?

Everything changed when I started having ear problems. The worse pain a man and a woman can feel is Ear pain. Not breakup with a partner, but Ear pain. That's the greatest pain. When the pain started, I felt it only in my right ear, I bought eardrops, and then it subsided for a while. Then the pain returned in both ears this time. No amount of Ear drops has successfully ruled out the pain. No matter what I used, my ears refused to heal permanently. Now you see why Loud Sounds and my ears have now become enemies like fire and water? Right! "Mummy said you should prepare Beans for lunch. We are to eat it with that bread she bought last week", My broker Kunle said. " Is that bread still good to consume? It's almost five days old!" I replied, clearly disgusted. 

"I think that's why you need to hurry up and prepare the beans because it's a countdown to the bread changing color, "Kunle replied, laughing. This, I don't find funny at all. I won't be partaking in devouring that bread! " Are you stepping out?" I asked Kunle as he laced his shoes. "Yup, Bolu, my friend wants to introduce me to the latest instrument." "But, I thought you were babysitting Funke since her mom went out with our mother?" I asked. "Oops, that role has now been shifted to you since I am heading out." He said, smiling as he combed his hair. " Kunle, this is not fair. I can't babysit that noisy child! Just take her with you!".

"Well, I can't. Because I am going out for guys' stuff, and Funke is a girl". He replied, facing the mirror. Then he turned to face me. "How do I look?" He questioned, licking his lips. "Very disgusting!" I fired, clearly annoyed. " You are capping baby sis; we both know if your boyfriend was gay, he would be dating me," he laughed, running out the door. 

Remind me, y'all, never to have an older brother next life! I looked down at the four years old Funke, using her dolls to play. She better not be a nuisance. Well, scratch that; she's a nuisance and has been on my throat for the last forty minutes! "Drop my phone, Funke," I shouted for the thirteenth time in two minutes. Funke has been on my neck to allow her to play games on my phone, and my answer has been No. Of course, I don't want her messing with my phone. Everything got worse when she started crying, I get that she's a child, but she isn't a baby, either. 

She doesn't have to be crying because she can't have something. Well, To make peace reign, I decided to allow her to have the phone. However, Funke wasn't having that. And nothing I did seemed to calm the 4-year-old child down! Her cries were noise to my ears, I don't like noise, so I decided to take her outside and lock the door behind me. Another neighbor saw me abandoning and locking her outside, but I didn't care. After all, Funke isn't my child or sibling. I continued cooking my beans and tried as much as I could to shut my mind off Funke's frustrating cries. It worked, and I only got to remember about her when I was done with cooking and had already taken my bath. 

I opened the door and noticed that the compound was very quiet. Funke wasn't in sight too. I decided to look for her and bring her back inside when I met the shock of my life. It was in the backyard, not too far from our flat. There Funke's body was lying in the pool of her blood. I used my hand to cover my mouth, even as I struggled to breathe. Funke was lying on the muddy ground face-up. The skin on her face had been peeled off, and I was only able to identify her because of the clothes she wore. What happened to Funke? What's going on? I murmured. It was at that point I heard Kunle's voice, walking into the house. There's a Dead Baby at the back of our house, but I am not the Killer. However, how am I going to prove my innocence to everyone?

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