The Devil Is The Same Everywhere

Inspired by True story - The man in the suit pulled Tunde to his feet by his polo shirt collar, squeezing in his fist...

He gave Tunde a stern look ignited by rage....." you are coming with me!" All this while, the man in the suit has been getting all his instructions and reporting back on the phone to someone sitting out in the car. A lady, an employee at Tunde's firm, Jumo Asika. Asika has always been a beautiful and ambitious lady, and she has recruited her husband to help take revenge against Tunde for suspending her before the full investigation begins. A month prior to this incident, she had been discovered to have fraudulently withdrawn in excess of N30m from one of the stocks that later crashed.

And Tunde, in his capacity as a co-partner of the firm, was going to recommend strict disciplinary actions against her at the board of directors' meeting to be held in 2 days. She wasn't going to let this happen. The man in the suit is Edward Asika, an ex-convict with an envious history of criminal records. He pulled Tunde through every part of the house, breaking and shattering shelves and lockers; he yelled, " where is your computer?". 

In a panic-stricken mode, Tunde led him to his study, where Edward proceeded to ransack the whole computer storage drive for a certain transaction he intended to erase. He screamed into the mouthpiece of the phone..."damn, I can't find anything?". He was panting...." he has seen my face!" He asked Tunde to show him his safe, pulling the tape forcefully from around his mouth. "I don't keep a safe in the house, sir".....Edward took him back to the living area, where Tunde continued to stare at Bukola's lame body. He was sure she was dead. 

The smoke alarm went off, and the turkey in the oven had roasted to crisps. Ed dashed to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and sent the handle hammering unto the device. The alarm went off. Now with the knife in his hand, he headed straight for Tunde; with the frustration of not finding anything, he was pissed and ready to end a life. Pulled Tunde to his knees, went around him, and slit his throat, blood flying everywhere. He left Tunde on the floor and went outside panting. He opened up the car trunk and pulled out a can of gasoline. Jumo was asking, "what's going on in there?"....he cared, not as he heard her. 

The euphoria and rage pumping in his blood were palpable; he would burn the house. As he stepped in, he noticed Bukola crawling and moaning in great pain; he bent down, jerked her up by the hair, and proceeded to stab her six times in the back. She laid still. He started pouring the gasoline throughout the house, from the living room, then room to room, kitchen, hallway, and laundry, till he was way into the house, out of view of his victims. Tunde clutched to his almost decapitated neck, blood gushing in the intermittent spray. He knows death is inevitable. But Bukola is a fighter; she had the strength and the presence of mind to keep dragging herself towards the security alarm by the door; she barely made it as Edward's approaching footsteps drew nearer. Then goes off the alarm, blaring loud for miles. 

Edward lit a match, dropped it on the rug, gave Tunde the last stare, and said, "you are going to die, "..... then rushed out, leaving the door open. Jumped into the car and drove off as fast as he could with the mastermind, Jumo Asika. Moments were like forever for Tunde as he kept his eyes and prayer on the match stick. Bukola has passed out, motionless. Then came this little wind that blew through the door, putting out the burning match stick. Tunde closed his eyes in joy. The responder has seen the address on her computer screen at the security alarm post and sent out dispatchers. Who came running into the bloodiest crime scene they've ever seen. They checked Bukola's pulse, started first aid on her, as Tunde was fighting for his life, drawn on another stretcher towards an awaiting ambulance.............. To be continued. 


Do you think they made it? Pls, add your comments. And will the Asikas go free? Stay with me; it's about to get messier. Like James Peterson always say: "The truth could be stranger than fiction. The Devil is the same everywhere.

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