The Devil's Gift

"Never envy whatever comes from the devil" Many of us are easily pressured by the things we see, especially online. We are easily disturbed when we see things we wish for in others' lives, not minding how they came. We can envy so many things but do not envy what comes from the devil. Because even the devil knows it's a waste of time. Nothing good comes from him.

He gives you a hat and requests for your head in return. So why envy such a gift. If there's anything, you wish for, pray about it and work towards it. Someone once said, "#10,000 you made in a legal way is far better than 100million made in an evil way." I know some may not agree with that, but it's really the truth. There's no amount of wealth or asset you desire that you can not get in the right way. So, don't be fooled by people who keep saying, join in cyber fraud or human ritual or stuff like that.

If you ever go for quick money from the devil and succeed, it shows you have a bright and great future. Even the devil won't strike a deal with one whose destiny is worthless. Why not calm down and wait for the right time? Never envy whatever comes from the devil. Above all, don't pray to acquire so much wealth that will make you forget God, and don't be too poor, so you don't put God's name to shame. He wishes that you prosper and be in good health above all things. Evil wealth may cost you your health; it could cost you your peace of mind. Wait on God


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