The Dilemma

Some life experiences can make you happy and sad at the same time. One of them is the one you are about to read in this short story.

"I don't think we have any other option than to have the fetus evacuated," Victor said. "You too know that we are not yet ripe for marriage, and our parents who sent us to school will be highly disappointed in us if they hear about it," he concluded. Adah could not say anything; she was just looking at Victor like a cow that was about to be slaughtered. What Victor said was the truth and had to be considered by her. How could she tell her parents, who sent her to the university, that she was impregnated by her coursemate by mutual agreement, not raped? She would rather die than experience the shame. "Evacuation" was the term the students used for abortion on campus, so she understood what Victor meant by using the term.

Victor and Adah were both students of the University of Ilorin. Although both were in the 300 level at the Department of Accountancy, Faculty of Business Management, Victor had had more experience than Adah as far as university life was concerned. While Victor was admitted to the university with his UTME score, Adah gained admission to the same university with her A'level results. Hence, while Victor started at the 100 level, Adah was admitted to the 200 level by the time Victor was also in the 200 level. They were both coursemates.

The first time they both met was in the faculty of Business Management when Adah was newly admitted to the school. She asked a fairly tall, dark, and handsome-looking guy where she could see the 200-level Accountancy students as she was relatively new on campus. Coincidentally, the guy she asked was Victor, the class representative. Adah was happy to know that she had approached the right students, and she told Victor that she had just been admitted to the department. She requested the timetable, which he gave her to photocopy.

Adah was pretty and fair in complexion. Although not too short, she looked shorter than her height by the time she stood beside Victor, who was tall, the physique they considered in choosing him as the class rep. Besides being pretty, Adah was robust, and a bit busty, the mammary gland Victor noticed the moment he saw her. To make it more obvious, she unbuttoned the first two upper buttons, which made her cleavage visible to the curious eyes of any onlooker. They both asked for each other's names and went on their different ways on that day. Later, they became close because Adah realized that besides being the class rep, Victor was also sound academic. By the end of their 200 level, Victor's GPA was 4.5, and if he continued to maintain it, he would graduate in first class. Adah, on the other hand, was just an average student. Her GPA was 3.0, and if she did not do anything to improve, she would graduate in second class lower. Hence, Adah felt she needed Victor's assistance in some of their courses that had been giving her problems.

In short, they both got so close, and at the end of the 200 level, Adah left the school hostel for a spacious room in the same house where Victor lived. Hence, they both went to receive lectures and went back home together. As time went by, they developed romantic feelings for each other and started dating. By the end of the 300 level, they had had sexual intercourse quite a number of times before the last one, which led to pregnancy. When Adah noticed she had missed her periods for two consecutive months, she knew she had reaped what they both sowed, and they quickly had the pregnancy terminated before it became obvious to the onlookers. Nevertheless, they continued their love affair until they both left the university and went to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). While Adah was posted to Lagos, Victor was posted to Akwa-Ibom, the south part of Nigeria. As a result of the distance, they lost contact because there were no cellphones then, and it would take about 12 hours by road to reach Akwa-Ibom from Lagos.

It was ten years later that they both met at a feeling station at Agege, where they both drove their respective cars in to buy fuel. They were both surprised to meet each other there, and they both spoke at length. They exchanged phone numbers and residential addresses since they both lived in Lagos. Although they were both married, none of them had given birth. While Adah had married for six years, Victor had married for four years. Adah's husband was stinkingly rich but traveled a lot. Victor was an accountant at a pharmaceutical company. It was the day Victor paid a visit to Adah at home when her husband had traveled that he knew they both were looking to God for the fruit of the womb. They both started calling each other frequently, and from there, their romantic love resuscitated, and they started having sexual intercourse again.

In the process of engaging in extramarital affairs, Victor's wife conceived and later was delivered a baby boy. A few months later, Victor got a call from Adah that she was pregnant as well. Victor was happy for Adah, who told him that she would like to see him. It was the day Victor visited Adah at home that she revealed to him that the pregnancy was Victor's, not her husband's, and inquired him what he wanted her to do with the pregnancy. Should she terminate the pregnancy, bearing in mind that it was not for her husband, or leave it in view of the fact that she had been looking for it for a while? How sure was she that if she terminated it, she would be pregnant again? What if her husband was sterile? Should she divorce her husband and become Victor's second wife? How would Victor explain this to his wife?

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