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The Disguise "a Girl's Pride To Change" (chapter 2)

"SCHOOL CHANGED" HENRIETTA P.O.V...Mom got back home early today, looking very happy, and the reason was actually easy to guess, dad's Coming home.

My dad is the commander of the army in the state we reside in, and he hasn't been home in a month which isn't so. My dad comes home every week to stay with us or take us out on a family time-out. My mom works at an insurance company around midtown, and she's "a wow" with the work she's doing. Since I noticed my mom's mood, I told her about my experience in school today and the decision I've made to change school. She was happy, and she thanked Paulie for saving my ass out there, and she told me to wait till my dad arrived from work so he'll choose another school for me. I sat beside Paulie in our living room, so close to him but not that close in order not to piss him off; we watched his favorite channel on TV.

We got along so easily, and him saving me made me believe him and even accepting to protect me from bullies like my ex-boyfriend 'James' in the new school I'll be attending made me realize I've been a very bad person to someone who cares about me in this world and that made me change my character towards him. I took up my phone to send a message to Paulie's crush 'Barbara,' and I hoped I could figure out a way to make the two of them together as I promised him. I sent her a message, and I was waiting for her reply. I was still waiting for her reply when I heard the doorbell ring; Paulie stood up to check who was by the door and he saw dad, he opened it, and I screamed out of anxiousness when I saw dad, and I ran over to hug him. I hugged him so tight, and he realized I missed him so much, and he said, "I'm sorry for keeping you all on your toes." I forgive you, dad' I replied him, offering him to sit because he looked dead beat; Paulie entered the room and told mom about dads arrival, she came rushing out, and when she saw him, she hugged him so tight than mine, sat on his lap and pecked his cheeks

Soon it was night, and we were all in the living room, watching a movie titled' A Day To Die; dad noticed me in the living room sitting close to Paulie, and he spoke out, 'Henrietta, you've changed a bit, what's up....... I've been noticing you since I got home; you and kiddo here are now close'. Mom didn't even let me answer him, and she started explaining everything to him how I explained to her, after her explanation .... Dad thanked Paulie for being there when I was in need of help, he said 'So the so-called guy that tried to ravish my daughter, so what are your plans for him ........ Should I get him arrested ?"Dad asked." I answered him very fast, "no, dad, we have decided to change school, I and Paulie." Dad agreed to this so softly because he wants us to be in safe hands; I will contact the management of Grove Way College tomorrow for the admission procedures ..... You'll be safe in that school; my friends own it. I thanked dad so much for his plans even though I didn't know the school, and I squeezed Paulie's hand a bit for his strong decision to help me even though his feelings were at stake.

Paulie's eyes were filled with tears, but he held his emotions, and I knew I had to do something and have an impact on the two of them even if they didn't get together later. I picked up my phone and left for my room, leaving everyone else in the sitting room; I connected to our house WiFi connection and started talking to Barbara via social media. Roberto Barbara 'a fair and svelte' Brazilian lady who lives with her uncle in Banbury here. She is a young and very intelligent teenager who represents the school in the competition of every kind in the aspect of academics, a plain class-two student who is kind-hearted and calm in all she does. My cousin's long-time crush and classmate, It became my duty to get the two of them as close and together as I promised Paulie, and I was determined to help my cousin achieve what he wanted.


I laid down on my bed after completing the Sisyphean work my aunt asked me to do, I know I'm dead tired, but I still have a lot of things to do, so I'll just rest later. I picked up my phone and decided to check messages on Instagram, and just then, a senior of mine who I look forward to in school message dropped in. I clicked on the notification icon, and I read her texts. It read, "Hey babe, how you doing" and I replied to her telling her I was fine; I then remembered her cousin was also in my group for the allocated assignment given to us by a teacher in school, so I asked her for his digit so I could connect with him. She shared his digit but told me that they wouldn't be coming to the school because of some personal issues she didn't want to share. I was displaced; I was "in a daze"........ I felt my world torn apart, I've been crushing on Paulie for a very long time now, and I wish I could tell him how I feel about him sometimes, but it's difficult for me to do as a girl ........ "What if he doesn't like me back the way I do? What if he just wants to continue being friends like we've always been." I felt my heart shattering as tears rolled down my cheeks, vibrations from my phone brought me back from my displaced world, and I took turns up to check it out.

I saw another message from her saying she wanted to tell me something about Paulie. I wiped my tears with my bedspread so that I could see well, and that was because I thought my eyes were playing a prank on me, but when I saw it was real, I started thinking about him, and thoughts of different batches came into my head. Thoughts like, "Does he feel the same way I do feel? Is he sick? Is he injured ?, Was he involved in any type of accident?" ........ I kept thinking till vibrations from my phone jerked me awake back. It was another message from her, and it reads, "Paulie has been one kind of a loving and caring guy that I've known since I was a kid; Paulie is a guy that risks his happiness for the sake of others ....... Paulie helped me deal with some shots today but in here hurting him by dragging him into my world". I didn't understand what she was saying. Could it be that ...... Could it be that Paulie is also in love with me, like I am also in love with him? Imaginary pictures of how cute we'll be as a couple poked into my head, and I smiled in a dm"daffy" way. I thought of him as a "Raja" and me being the "Rani" sitting beside him, vibrations brought me back again, and I continued reading her message; she said in one, "Paulie has been over you for some time now, I know he is a shy type when it comes to females, but I wish you can just give him a chance and see how things go, my cousin loves you, and I also do. I already sent you his digits above here so you two can get in touch; I'll leave you to decide for yourself. I was so happy when I read it, and I replied to her, "Will do, ma'am," and I messaged Paulie immediately with a smile so we could talk about ourselves.

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