Nuhu Bulus 1 year ago

The Dreamer

As I stare into space with pen in hand, I wonder; What should I write?; Why should I write?;

As I stare into space with pen in hand, I wonder
What should I write?
Why should I write?
And who should I write to?!
 My story a long lane 
Doubt if anyone has the fortitude to bear with me any further 
My hopes dashed, 
My fears were confirmed.
My strength was exhausted, 
My dreams vanished.
My goals were annihilated, 
My aspirations were extinguished.
My pride hurt, 
My virginity was stolen.
The pain denying me rest, 
Bringing fears which are already becoming a pest, 
As it feeds on my vulnerability 
Destroying my youthful zest, 
Dashing my dreams of reaching the crest.
Woe unto me, for I am doomed.
I stagger in pain, 
As I keep asking myself over and over again.
What's the use in trying anyway.
Shouldn't I just curse God and die?!
Just like my job, I asked why does God punish me, 
How am I sure he exists? Shouldn't I give up?
But then, If I do fate will make jest of me.
And destiny is a mockery of my inability to reach it.
Yes, I have dreamt dreams, 
You might even call me the dreamer after the order of Joseph.
Visualized visions
Lol... You could call me the human VAR.
Yet they don't seem to be within grasp.
Every effort seemed to be a waste of time.
Is God to blame or me!?
But then, 
I see others call upon him and succeed.
Surely the problem can not be him.
Only then did I realize that
I had been playing a game with demons while I allowed the devil to coach the team.
I left God's radar in a bid to get an easier destiny, 
Totally forgot that timing is a vital tool of God's divine visitation.
You cannot overrule it.
And faith is a vital tool for the breakthrough.
So now I say to myself all hope is not lost, 
For though I was down, yet I shall rise, 
Though I was lost yet I am now found.
Though I was slain yet, I shall revive.
Though I was cursed yet, I shall be blessed.
I shall pursue righteousness till the nation wakes to the dawn of my light.
I am strong, 
I am favored, 
A warrior in the physical, And a lion in the spirit.
I am first spirit, then human.
I shall chase thousands, And command ten thousand.
I shall glory in Yahweh, 
For I am but for an appointed time.
I am a dreamer.
I will ascend higher, 
Till I become greater.
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