The Drop, By Ashraf One.

I See Humans, not Humanity...I, Ashraf One...In The Name Of Allah - The One; Like a Water Drop from the Tap - Life has it all to have a Recap - For The Chosen One told Me about the Hour;

In The Name Of Allah - The One.
Like a Water Drop from the Tap - Life has it all to have a Recap - For The Chosen One told Me about the Hour,
When Humanity will Feel the Freedom like a trap - Finding the Freedom has to be like the Drop of Water from the Tap,
When Nations will be chasing about creating the gap on the Map,
Just for the sake of luxury - for the worldly life has entrap the heart,
We posses all that creates the gap between You and I,
For we've swap the world with the Afterlife,
Loving what You see? - You gave it a clap,
That should be a wake up slap - like the Drop of Water from the Tap.

We fight for some common cap regarded as a crown - We dress to show the Deen but looking like a clown,
I Smile at You but You chose to frown - it is a sign that the Love We Share has drown,
What could be the Noun? - for what is left right now is the Drop of Water from the Tap,
For We have the Choices to Build Homes like a mount,
Disregarding Allah's Blessings but count all We own that went down,
For Our Fantasies is like the Colour Brown,
The Colour Brown that incurs the Soul to experiencing a crackdown,
That has the Soul to pound with no more Colourful Sound of the Qur'an,
 like the Drop of Water from the Tap.

To discount the Sunnah from the Account is what We amount for - Sub'An Allah - the Heart is on a lockdown,
For every Drop of Love of the Chosen One - He Strives to Keep Us with Love,
But rather We plot to stop the Love - for the Heart has a blot - why won't Life be taut? - for the mind is short of good thought - like the Drop of Water from the Tap,
That has the Faith on a shove - what would Life be like if not for His Love?,
The Virtuess He has is why Blessings Rain from Above,
If not for the Chosen One?,
What could thereof be of Us?,
Hereof We are United as One,
For the Deen has being Perfected by Allah the One - whereas We are too blind to see the Drop of His Love.

I, Ashraf One.
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