The Dynamics Of Life

What exactly does life have to offer? This is a budding question I have found no one to answer.

It appears as if the successful are the most fortunate being on earth. What a false narrative! What a wrong impression! I have studied life so far, and my research has proven that anyone can be successful in life. Anyone? I want to be very careful not to sound like one of the motivational speakers we have around, but I would like to reiterate the fact that success is achievable for any mortal being determined.

Firstly, it is imperative to comprehend the fact that success begins with one's mind. The false information we have been indoctrinated to believe is that the wealthy are the most successful. It's worrisome that this misleading information has done more harm than good. We now live in a society where youths ride on fraud to amass wealth for themselves. Many ignorant parents now regard them as successful. What a mess! I have always emphasized that money is just a by-product of success.

To be continued.

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