The Effects Of Gender-based Violence In Nigeria

This is a piece that is showing what Gender-based Violence has caused to our girls-child and women and the need to halt the practice.

This is a sensitive topic that needs national discourse. Gender-based violence has been so rampant in this country that the effort to find a lasting solution to it is being undermined. Gender-based violence is being targeted majorly at girls and women. Gender-based violence ranges from domestic violence, sexual abuse, inferiority complex, and discrimination against girls and women. Although this violence also affects boys and men, it is high in percentage for girls and women compared to their boys and men counterparts.

This needs to stop for girls and women to have a sense of belonging. They are so isolated and alienated from community development to lend their voice to national discourse. Women and girls are not allowed to amplify their voices in fighting against anomalies meted out to them. Their boys and men counterparts majorly abuse them. Women and girls are not allowed to lend their voices. This will have a grave impact on the development of a country. Women and girls are the trainers at home; they are the ones that ensure a healthy environment for people to live in. They are the first teacher to children. Society will be defective if they are not allowed to have the knowledge. Women and girls are sexually abused, and if this is not stopped, it will have detrimental effects on them. We are talking about psychological trauma; this defect makes one have unstable mental health, which will subsequently affect the thinking faculty and lead to brain failure. We cannot cope with this, hence the need to find a lasting solution to issues bordering on abusing women and girls sexually!

From the aforementioned above, one will realize that drastic actions need to be taken to curb the menace of gender-based violence. Among the aforementioned effects of gender-based violence is the psychological trauma it causes to the victim of gender-based violence. Psychological trauma can be said to be a defect in the victim's mental health of gender-based violence, which can lead to the victim being mentally unstable whenever the victim recalls the violence meted out on her. Examples of cases where psychological trauma can set in for a victim are raping and FGM. Raping is one of the factors that can cause a victim to be psychologically traumatized; this victim will always remember when she was sexually abused, and any time she remembers it, it will cause her mental imbalance, which may lead to insanity. Raping is the way in which a woman or girl is being put into family ways without her consent. This act of evil is so rampant in our present-day Nigeria to the extent that quite an enormous of cases are reported on a daily basis, and people that are committing this crime are mostly boys and men, doing it with impunity. If this menace is not being given the needed attention by putting a stop to it, it would make the girls and women feel unsafe and therefore hinder their productivity.

FGM is another phenomenon that can make girls and women psychologically traumatized. This is a practice in which the outer covering of the female vagina is cut, the clitoris. This will cause untold pain to the victim of this practice. Because apart from the fact that the penetration will be difficult during sexual intercourse as parts of the vagina opening are being blocked, it also causes extreme pain to the victim when menstruating. The heinous practice needs to be stopped for our girls and women to live a life of fulfillment.

Another effect of gender-based violence that should not be overlooked is discrimination against women and girls. This is another major issue causing untold hardship to women and girls. They are not allowed to be ambitious. They are not allowed to hold a high position in government. They are not allowed to lend their voices in the national discourse. These and many other instances can be attributed to the alienation of women and girls from activities that will make them to be productive and have a sense of belonging. Women and girls are not seen as home-builders but as a slave that needs to complete their assigned work. They are being made to do all kinds of jobs at home. They are not seen as someone who can hold an important position in the community and the state. These notions are very wrong! People need to be re-orientated on how to treat women and girls to utilize their full potential in helping the country to move to a greater height. They should be allowed to lend their voices to national discourse. Possibly, the solution we have been seeking might lies with them!

The last is domestic violence, and it is not the least. This is the first of all evils meted against out women and girls in our society. Women and girls are being seen as tools used by their men and boys counterparts. Women and girls have been associated with those who will do menial jobs at home. They are being made to do all things without being given the freedom to resist. Women and girls are being abused, physically and mentally. Physical involves going physical with them, which is not good because, in the biology of their body, they are not as strong as their men and boys counterparts. They are not allowed to air their views at home; they are seen as people with no lofty ideas. Women and girls are abused mentally because their feelings are not considered when men want to make a decision. Their ideas are not being sought in a family gathering. These acts by men and boys are making them feel unsaved and, therefore, the reason that they hardly trust their men and boys counterparts.

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