The End

What made me strong...My name is Esther, I believe everyone has a story to tell, and there is always a story to tell, it can come up as a sad story or as a happy story, or even as any other kind of story which is related to your experience.

A story doesn't matter how it starts; the ending of every story matters a lot. I have been living in this world, facing many challenges; I can't say that I had fun while growing up; I didn't; my young memories are filled with pains and regret; I'm not telling anyone what are those things because I've already buried them long ago. I can bury some of my past and forget about them, but sometimes they come back to my memory, and I can't avoid them completely.

I was once crushing on someone, that was my first time, and I was seventeen years old. I dreamt about him, my thoughts were always about him, I had a huge fantasy about him, and sometimes I cried because of him. I don't know what to call that type of love. Is it silly, or was I still young to understand? Luckily, I met the guy online, and we chatted and exchanged WhatsApp numbers; I could not tell how excited I was, especially when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was excited, I loved him very much, of course, and he's such a cool handsome guy.

Our relationship began, and that was my first serious relationship; the relationship was different from what I had pictured in my mind; everything I had fantasied about wasn't there. We fought a lot, we had many disagreements, and I had saved and unsaved his line several times; the more we were having issues, the more we were getting closer and getting to know each other; that made me wiser, everything I had with felt real. We graduated from secondary school the same year, and the next year, he was preparing to travel out of the country; he was going there to hustle and make a lot of money, that's what he told me; both of us knew we came from a poor background and We had to do something about it.

I wished him good luck; I gave him what he had been begging to have, which was my body, he took my virginity, and the next day he flew out of the country. And I waited for him for a complete twelve years; everything I was doing was not going well; I had this dream of becoming a musician, but I wasn't making any progress in the music industry; only a few people got to listen to my music.

I had to quit music and learn work; I started learning to tailor; all those times, I was sad, devastated, angry, and lonely. When I learned that my boyfriend had come back from abroad, my joy knew no bounds; finally, he had come back; I had been waiting for him patiently. I stayed with my ears wide open for his call or text; although it had been a long time since he did that, now he had returned, he would surely call or text me.

One week, I heard nothing from him, he's a millionaire so he might be too busy; I decided to visit him instead. I arrived at his mansion early the following morning; it was only me that knew what I went through before I got his house address. That day, I wasn't allowed to go inside; I pleaded and explained who I was, but the gateman paid no attention; I went there many times, and it was still the same old story; I wasn't allowed to visit the owner of the house.

I decided one day to wait for him till he came back from work that day it rained cat and dog, I got drenched, I was still shivering under the rain when I saw a black SUV stopping in front of the gate, I jumped to my feet and rushed to his car, tapping fast at his car window. What are you doing here? That was What he asked me when he whined down his glass, I told him I came to see him, and he chuckled and ran his eyes over my drenched body. What he said next shocked me; he asked why I was very lazy; if I had gotten married or found a good job, I wouldn't have stood in the rain and waited for him; he told me he had nothing to do with me, I was out of his class and what he had for me in the past wasn't love, it was lust.

How I got home that day was what I couldn't remember and how I managed to survive over these years was something that baffles me. But one thing Is sure, I'm now stronger, I'm now more determined to change my own story, I will become what I want to be, and I'm going to do better; it is not yet late; the end of my story will be sweeter.


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