The Enemy

This piece openly exposes the chief enemy of man, his vices and how man overcomes

The devil is an enemy
I know of all people, he hates me
God's love reigns and I become a recruit in His army
Then that enemy, the devil rises to do no good but to accuse me

Yes, this enemy of mine eventually pinpoints some faults
From the beginning, man disobeyed and became a sinner by default
Then i cry out to God, "Help me, I need grace and more fort"
The more I cry, the more the enemy tries to pull me down with all effort

Accuser of the brethren he is
Stealing mankind from God to become his
A serpent he is too, inciting fear for all to take to their heels
I refuse to be his victim, so i'll fight him with prayers while on my kneels

I now walk in dominion
Though the enemy never relents but attacks in rebellion
I'll keep fighting even as he acts like a roaring lion
And God Almighty will forever remain my close companion
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