The Eternal Principles Of Wealth

Some people are born into wealth, while many created it. What is wealth?

1. Abundance of valuable material possessions or resources - Webster Dictionary. 

2. All material objects that have economic utility, especially: the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one time - Webster Dictionary. Wealth is a combination of assets, not the acquisition of liabilities. Once we are able to separate the two, then one can decide where to belong. The poor acquire liabilities while the rich buy utilities. Every community or institution operates by principles and laws. There are the doings that make you conform to the standards and others that make you outside and unacceptable. There are divine principles that attract wealth; there are those which dispel it and attract poverty. Wealthy people are creative thinkers. 



This is the realm of meditation; from this realm, it birthed great ideas for business, inventions, and innovations. This is a very powerful tool for the creation of wealth. If you can see it, you can make it. If you can see it, you can have it. Your mind is active in the process of meditation; in this process, the mind begins to form images, and over time, those images, if acted upon, become tangible realities; this is the power of imagination from the light of meditation.

This is done in a quiet environment, a secluded place; sometimes, it could be at night when the silence suits the purpose. 

There is a connection between the natural and the supernatural at the point of meditation. Please, kindly note that everything that makes for wealth has base on the supernatural. The forces of nature are deployed to the man who intentionally invokes divinity through meditation. Remember, as a man thinks, so is he. The poor are poor due to their thinking pattern. The wealthy think differently from the poor. What you consistently think is what forms your actions, your actions form your behavior, your behavior your habit, and your habits inform your character, which is your personality. If you give an asset to a man whose thought pattern is poor, he will turn it into liabilities, and he will remain poor.

To be wealthy, you must be creative in your thinking and be ready to work on the divine signals received in the process.

2. Diligence 

This is to be dutiful. Diligence is an expression of the spirit of dedication and commitment to a cause that must be realized. Many have dreams and lofty ideas, but only a few are diligent enough to reveal them in reality. Diligence is putting your time and energy, including all of you, into a chosen task. To the man who is diligent in his work, his creator will cause the elemental forces of the universe to aid him.

3. Prudence and frugality

Prodigality is an aberration to wealth. Wealth is a result of systematic management of resources, building upon one stone after another until a magnificent edifice becomes visible.

The wealthy understand the little forces that can destroy the vine, so they don't allow such avenues of leakages. The poor are good at impulsive buying, expensive shopping, excessive partying, needless show-off, and the acquisition of liabilities. If you want to build wealth, you must be frugal and prudent in spending; you must spend very much more on utilities than liabilities. 

4. Own a business 

Nobody becomes wealthy on salaries. It's not bad to start on salaries; you can use it to sponsor your business ideas and start building lasting assets for wealth. When you work for people, don't just work to earn; work to learn. When you work to learn, only then can you map the path for wealth creation.

5. Marketing 

The wealthiest people on earth are salespeople. You must be able to market your products. You must have strategies to reach out to people and create a chain of communities that can push your product or brand. If you have a talent, a brand, or you are into the delivery of services, you have to do proper and adequate marketing to make wealth out of it. Money comes from selling products or rendering services. 

6. Investment 

This is the chief capital for wealth; although it comes with a lot of risks, there are many with lesser risks. Investment is sending or putting your money to work for you. Until you learn to make money work for you, wealth is far. The poor think of the latest liability to buy, but the rich are planning to acquire the next asset. Assets increase in value while liabilities depreciate. Just as every living thing increases by reproduction, so do assets increases. You plant a seed of corn, and you harvest probably up to 3 to 4 ears of corn; that is the picture of investment. Investment most times takes time before yielding fruits. There are short-term and long-term, depending on the individual's plan.

7. Self-development 

No one knows it all; the place of mentorship is necessary, learning from the experiences of the wealthy; as you study the wealthy through their biographies and other educative materials, then you keep developing yourself. To be wealthy, you have to be diverse in your thinking and dynamic in your approach; therefore, there is a need to be versatile in various mentorship, gathering knowledge and resources in your areas of endeavor, which, when successfully executed, may result in multiple streams of income and this is the beginning of wealth if reinvestment is sustained consistently. 

Thank you for reading. 

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