The Evanescence Of Beauty

When a man is in love with a lady who does not return his love, the man in question can relate with the mood of the poetic persona in this poem.

If your beauty were permanent,
I could have chased you forever,
Though, your response made me shiver,
I'd persist though you're insolent.

If your beauty were permanent,
I'd woo for your erect, firm boobs,
Abuse, you can liken me to rubes,
Like tardigrades, I'd be resilient.

If your beauty were permanent,
For a century I'd cherish your butt,
If you ignore me, I will not rebut,
I'd be calm and not be belligerent.

If your beauty were permanent,
For a millennium I'd beseech you to caress,
Your glowing skin and figure eight to undress,
Content would I, for years of being abstinent.

But alas! Beauty is ephemeral,
Cherished glowing skin, with time will wrinkle,
Your sagging breasts, unable to fondle,
Your butt, unseen, and what is femoral.

And we'll all go back to the dust,
History will it be, all the lust.

(c) Niyi Osunlolu (2021)
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