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The Executioner

SYNOPSIS: Angel, pushed by her family to commit an atrocious crime against her lover, whom she eventually loses, transforms her regret into revenge. She becomes a metaphorical executioner. Will she ever heal, or get her lover back? What has this turned her into? Will her family regret their actions? Join me as we dive into Angel's exceptional story.

Madam Dorothy's legs jittered as she sat on her antiquated cushion, hands akimbo. The other family members appeared agitated, too, their gazes darting on and off towards Angel, who knelt quietly in the center of the living room. Angel, an elegant woman in her early twenties, was well-groomed and poised. Her complexion was fair and radiant, and she stood at an average height. Her slender figure made every outfit look flattering, and her beautiful face made her a magnet for men. Kneeling there in a sorry state, she resembled a fallen angel seeking redemption.

The heavy rain outside seemed to have saved them from the awkward silence in a meeting of a family of seven until Mr. Steven, the father of the family, intervened. "My house should be called a house of prayer," he said in a pathetic manner, shaking his head. "What will the church say?" Madam Dorothy added, jingling her head back and forth. The silence resumed again, this time more awkward because Madam Dorothy had begun to weep silently. "Mum, there's really nothing we can do any more than let her have the baby," began Theresa, the eldest child, in an appealing tune, but Madam Dorothy cut her short.

"Impossible, not in this house!" she screamed, "I am a renowned Deaconess in church. What would they say I taught my children?" she added, fuming. "Mummy, calm down," Theresa spoke up again.

"Why do you always choose the church over your own family? Angel is about in her final year in school now; she can't possibly leave this city," she added. "As a deacon, how can I have shameless children?" said Mr. Steven in the same initial pathetic manner as he adjusted the old wrapper tied around his waist and left the room. Shortly, Madam Dorothy left the room, and so did everyone else except for Angel and Theresa.

Angel helped herself up and sat in a white plastic chair, which sat in isolation from the main part of the expansive sitting room and close to the window. She seemed to purposefully avoid the gaze of her sister, Theresa, her fingers nervously fidgeting in her lap. "Why didn't you blame me?" Angel posed the question, her voice barely above a whisper. Theresa, her tone gentle and understanding, responded, "I wish none of this had happened, but I won't reject you for that." A small smile tugged at the corners of Angel's lips. "Thank you, sis."

Theresa's gaze drifted off as she reminisced, "Do you remember when I auditioned for an acting role six years ago, and Mum and Dad vehemently opposed it, insisting it was the work of the devil?"

"That's 'The Kinsmen,' right? I heard the movie later became a blockbuster", Angel added with rising interest. "Exactly! And I was offered a major supporting role; we could have been living a different life by now". The sisters continued their conversation for a while, then left the room, yet on Angel's face was a show of ambivalence.

That evening, Angel visited her boyfriend, William, the father of her child. Alone, she sat on the bed in his shabby one-room apartment. They had shared joys and sorrows for the past four years. At the side of his king-sized bed was an old photo of William in his youth service uniform; she held it up, and memories of their first meeting flooded back. William was from the western part of the country. They had met during one of his community service stints as a corps member. Their chemistry was palpable. William had helped Angel break free from her mediocre life and taught her to love herself. He had even given up returning west to see Angel through her schooling in the East.

"I owe you a lot, William," Angel muttered as she jolted back to the present. She traced her hand over his image, noting his well-built physique. She put down the picture as the door opened.

William looked just like his picture. His well-built body, handsome, chocolate-colored face, neatly cut hair, and sweet demeanor were all the same. His well-ironed suit and briefcase hinted at his profession. "William," Angel called, her tone indifferent. William sensed something was amiss but kept his cool as he undressed. "Darling, are you okay?" he gently inquired, his tone filled with concern. "I've decided to give up the baby, William," she responded with a firmness that belied her teary eyes.

William's hands slipped from his collar, his eyes filled with both bewilderment and anger.

"We've been through this, love. What did your parents say? Why are you bringing this up again?" he implored, his voice echoing while Angel sobbed quietly. Angel remained quietly on the bed, obviously sorrowful. William, despite his confusion, felt an undeniable urge to console her. Suddenly, she began to wince in pain, her face contorting as she clutched her stomach. And then, as quick as a flash, she collapsed onto the bed, unconscious. Could Angel have taken the termination pills within a few hours, even before the decision was made? 

Well, let's find out in the next chapter.


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