The Exit

The exit: THE EXIT OF THE ONE WHO BARELY CAME...Tick tick and the heart ❤️ of a little one was formed; Not old enough to decide for himself;

Tick tick and the heart ❤️ of a little one was formed
Not old enough to decide for himself
But he was taken to be a mistake
Not worth an entry into the world of beings
"Sorry we are not ready to have you" as they say
"You were the result of a mistake"
And like most mistakes he was erased ....." so out you go I can't take the shame of you"
He was made to abruptly exit the world he barely made an entrance to
He who was formed by the very hands of his maker was made to leave because he was believed to be mistake...
They forgot he too was formed in the hollow of his creator who had plans for him
Don't take the life you didn't give ......These little beings shouldn't pay for your mistake with their lives
So back to his maker he would go and tell of his rejection ............
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