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The Expensive Golden Mic

I can't imagine myself going to the International competition and winning but to my utmost surprise, I won and came first, all thanks to God and my friend Olajumoke.

Look Olajumoke! Let's forget about this writing contest; I am not participating. I don't think I worth it; I began writing officially a few weeks ago. You can't just give up! Why? Like why? What do you mean why? Why do you want to give up? I can't just do it. You can do it, darling. You know what? Let me tell you something. Okay. Hope you remember there was a competition I went to last year, and we were asked to get an international passport because of it? You also remembered the organizers stressed us a little then?

Yes, I remembered. I also remembered you came second and went to the celebration with other contestants in Dubai. You even bought a few things for me when you came back. Good. That's where I am going, you will participate in this international writing contest, and you will win. I did mine then, and I won; nothing is stopping you, babes. I won't even allow you not to participate. Olajumoke, I don't think so jor (please). Maybe I should be singing like you. We both laughed.

Singing indeed! Darling, singing is not your way. Just stick to what God has called you for, write to bless others, and get paid. As simple as that? But I will try at least to get something to show for it as your golden mic. My golden mic? Yes! Do you know how I got that? No.

Okay, I will tell you. At the same International competition, I went to last year; I was given a song by one of the judges who trusted me. I didn't know she would be on my seat, but I loved the song, scored it very well, and just went to the stage to enjoy myself in the Holy Ghost. I was so surprised when at the final stage, I was given another song from her to sing; see, I tried all my best because by now, I knew she was on the seat as part of the judges, and I won't want to mess up. To the Glory of God, I did the song well, and she came up to present the golden mic to me that I will be her successor. Dear, since then, she has been following my growth and doing everything in her capacity to help me. I was not expecting that, but I went there to do my best; I didn't hide or look down on myself.

Either this country or elsewhere, it is God that created every one of us, and I have a father who has given me wisdom beyond human understanding; I have a bank store where I get my song inspiration, so I am not afraid. Thank you, dear friend. I can also achieve this if I put my mind to it and trust God for inspiration and wisdom. This is a very good example for me. I will start telling myself now that I can do it through Christ that strengthens me.

You can say that again. I love that spirit! That is what I want to hear, and you know something? I still have my golden mic at home; I only use it at the studio or when I am invited for a ministration. The golden mic is expensive, I got to know the price when I priced it in Dubai to get another one, but I couldn't buy it. Though I might not want a golden mic like you, Olajumoke, I will depend on God totally to help me participate in all the contests I want to and win. Come here, girl. We both hugged; I participated and came first, to my utmost surprise. I didn't only go home with the cash for the first position but also with the certificate given to us.

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