The Faith Ingredient

Indeed, this ingredient is a lifesaver, want to have a taste? You know what to do.

Now pick a torch and follow me closely as we explore what makes this ingredient a lifesaver. What an awful time it was in those days when you felt so weak. So weak to stand up against the wiles the world brought your way. These wiles, calling you back to that old man, one stricken in pain and guilt, hungry and thirsty like a vagabond child.

At that moment, to save your head, you began to justify yourself in that little mind of yours that staying down is the best option. Even though you might know a way to rise, you just want to give up (Oh, I've been through this too); you just want to stop chasing. Since getting ahead is so hard, then you say to yourself... "Why don't I just stay and occupy my space beneath!"

Now, it's always funny in your days of strength; when you look back on those days when you were weak, you would then wonder if strength was an "on and off" switch. As in, where was it in those days when I needed it! It's even more saddening in the days of weakness when you muster all strength but to no avail! Huh, no! (say it to yourself "NO"). I know you want to know why you said "NO"! (Follow me more closely now)

This is it; there is a posture that keeps you glued to strength. The Bible says, "...they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." This posture is called WAITING BY FAITH.So, say NO again to staying down; it is not the right posture to take. Okay, how do I maintain this posture? (you asked) PRAY! ("pray without ceasing"). In the days of strength, pray; in the days of weakness, pray. Do you know that prayer gives strength? And this by tarrying/waiting on the Lord. Oh, maybe it doesn't work for you every time! Sorry, it's because you missed an important ingredient! And that is FAITH.

So, if only you can have faith in the days when your strength is fading, I tell you, you will move mountains, and you will walk on oceans. I think someone just knew why he needs faith! (Laughs). Yes, faith is the key. Even Salvation is a ministry of faith, and the only thing that can make you survive the hurdles is FAITH, so have faith first and see if God will not come to your rescue. I say this not because I have never been weak, because people would say, "it is easier said than done," I know, right?

Now, let's try this out... DO first and then say! ("of all that Jesus began both to 'DO' and teach" Acts 1:1). Yes, this is the point we have been missing. If you will do first, note this, "....with all of your heart." Then you can access the strength and might of the almighty through faith. So add Faith to that thing you do today and see whether it will not save you. I think that was a good piece, it's not thought actually, I know, and I'm sure it is a good one. Oh, you want to read more? You don't need to, just DO first and see if that's not enough to save you. Hey, you just tasted the life-saving ingredient we talked about by reading through because that chain that has been holding you down in depression just broke!

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