The Full Container, Yet It Is Empty

We all have both the repelling and attracting forces but it depends on the content we fill ourselves with. Personal development does not happen by chance but by choice.

What happens to a machine that has not been serviced for a long time? The moving parts become stiff, affecting the engine's operation, and if not managed well, it can result in an engine knock. What happens to a farm that weeds have taken over? They will overshadow the planted crops and ensure nothing edible grows. They will suck up the nutrients meant for the crops, leave them stunted and deprive them of sunlight. 

Alright, we are heading somewhere. I need you to continue reading. Another question What happens to a building that has been abandoned for several years without proper management? It becomes afflicting the eyes, distressing the mind, and frightening the body. Nothing about it is worth an embrace, so it simply means it will always be rejected. What then happens to a life that wanders around with so much rage, pride, and greed? I can tell that you once had come across one of those persons, and the outcome was unbearable. So you had to leave or stop the conversation at one point. Right? 

The truth is we all have both the repelling and attracting forces, but it depends on the content we fill ourselves with. The knocked engine figuratively explains the result of the negligence of man in the place of growth. Failure to take to corrections, the mentality of "I need no one" as a result of pride and no effort to be significant. The weeds are the indecencies to the liberty of man, which as a result, have tampered with the authoritative calling. In other words, they are unproductive activities that have made us believe we are doing something profitable. Meanwhile, we are just chasing shadows. 

What about the abandoned building? Yes, that represents the result of the knocked engine and the invasion of the weed. It means if a man fails to be cautious of what he takes in, he will end up becoming prey. A life that is exchanged for the lies of tomorrow lives in the peril of an unknown today. 

Now, what do you do? 

  • Do make sure you make up your mind to lubricate your engine with the oil of grace in prayer. 
  • Remove the weeds on your field with the sword of the Spirit (Word of God)
  • And set your building upon the hill that can never be hidden because your light is not meant to be covered but to shine. 

God loves you more than you think. 

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