The Get-together: Whodunit

This is a snippet from my thriller novel "The get-together". This part features a game of Truth or dare between the friends. If you want to read the rest of the novel, please click on my link bio and read from bambooks or buy the PDF version on selar.

“Truth or dare….” Every truth or dare game usually ends in someone crying, someone being unusually horny, someone getting into a fight, or a very heated word exchange. This game would probably end in a fight. Knowing the true nature of his friends, Joseph knew someone was bound to call someone out or, worse, break someone’s head. Everyone was seated in the living room, ready for the game. Olayiwola had the creative idea of everyone dropping their phones in a basket to concentrate better. Weirdly, no one found a reason to complain, including Aishat, who was so obsessed with her phone. 

On the two-seater were Joseph and Natasha. Nkem had made it to the party, and strangely, she was dressed okay, spotting a short black dress. Although she had gone overboard with the red lipstick and dark heels, she looked reasonable and appealing. Nnamdi even made a pass at her before she refused his advances. She was seated beside Victor and Nnamdi on the long sofa. On the other two-seater were both Olayiwola and Aishat. Cecelia was comfortably seated on Deyemi’s thighs, further infuriating Olayiwola. Diana and David were seated together. She was glad he decided to sit beside her and not close to his crush, Olayiwola. ‘’So, who starts?’’. Cecelia asked after taking one gulp from her beer. ‘’Cecelia, are you old enough to drink?’’. Diana asked snarkily.

‘’Oh, don’t let my tiny stature fool you’’. Cecelia smiled, refusing to let the shady comment annoy her’’. I’m old enough to drink in one country’’. ‘’But you’re in Nigeria’’. Olayiwola was quick to say. Cecelia nodded’’. And our country gives out 14-year-old girls to marry 56-year-old men. Chill, boo’’. 

‘’We should do an introduction’’. Nnamdi suggested. Aishat rolled her eyes in response’’. Most of us know each other’’., and Aishat couldn’t help but sulk. She didn’t think Natasha would really come over. She had even thought that they would talk, maybe Natasha would say the first word, but the bubbly girl ignored her and treated her as though she wasn’t present. This is what friendship breakup felt like, and she hated it.‘’Nkem doesn’t know us’’. Cecelia pointed at Nkem. All eyes shifted to Nkem. She gave the nod’’. That one is true sha. Na only Joseph and David I know’’. 

‘’Let me do the honors’’. Cecelia suggested and fled into action before anyone could refuse the offer’’. I am Cecelia and a very good friend to Deyemi and Nnamdi. I could be friends with some of the females in this room, but they think I’m a slut’’. She pulled on a grin to show that she was unbothered. ‘’True’’. Aishat muttered to Olayiwola, who chuckled in response. ‘’The one who I’m sitting on comfortably is Deyemi’’. She introduced and rubbed his thigh. She glanced at Olayiwola, who huffed in response to her petty move to rile her up. She wished that she could hide her jealousy, but it was hard to. Cecelia was clearly trying to ruffle her feathers. ‘’Nice to meet you’’. Nkem cheered with a wide smile. Deyemi simply nodded in response. Cecelia spoke about his egotistical nature’’. As you can see, he’s not that nice, but he can be if you just give him what he wants’’. ‘’Is that a sexual joke or…?’’. Natasha asked Joseph in a hushed tone. ‘’Normal’’. He responded with a shrug. 

‘’He’s the ex-boyfriend of Olayiwola here’’. Cecelia pointed to Olayiwola’’. Pretty, nice and perfect girl…’’. Cecelia spoke about her while looking at her dead in the face’’. She’s the nice one in this friendship group. The mother den of the friendship. She cannot be found doing anything bad, cheating on a test, smoking, or even having an affair with her own uncle’’. Olayiwola’s eyes widened unconsciously after hearing her last phrase. Aishat glanced at her friend; she couldn’t get the shocked look off her face; it made her look guilty. She knew Cecelia loved to have other people’s business in her mouth, but how on earth did she find out? Was it a joke? ‘’But then again, she’s perfect’’. Cecelia cheerily informed Nkem. ‘’Not that perfect’’. Diana muttered, and David lightly cautioned her, hoping she wouldn’t fly off the handle’’. Diana’’. ‘’She has two besties’’. Cecelia continued on the back story of Olayiwola’’. Aishat and Natasha. You see, they all used to be besties but not anymore. They were like the power trio, but Aishat ruined it.’’.

‘’Oh’’. Nkem set her eyes on the pair. The amebo in her wanted to ask what happened, but it was too soon to be a nosy person. ‘’What happened, you say?’’. Cecelia decided to dive into the relationship’’. Natasha and Aishat used to be best friends, childhood friends, but something happened’’. ‘’Who’s Natasha?’’. Nkem inquired. Cecelia pointed towards the mentioned person. Nkem gave her a smile. She was the first female that caught her eye when she stepped in’’. You’re a fine girl’’. In good nature, Nkem complimented her’’. Very pretty’’.‘’ Aww, thank you’’. Natasha said with a small smile. ‘’Did you grow up in the ogbodo-iyibo?’’. Nkem guessed that she grew up in the states due to her golden complexion and the texture of her hair. ‘’No’’. Natasha was accustomed to the questions concerning her skin’’. Well, kind of, I spent five years there before relocating back to Nigeria. I’m biracial’’. ‘’Wetin be that?’’. Nkem scrunched her face in confusion. ‘’My father is from Canada, and my mother is Nigerian’’. Natasha explained. ‘’No wonder. Your skin is fresh’’. Nkem commended her spotless skin. ‘’Thanks’’. Natasha gave a small smile. She definitely had her real parents to thank. ‘’So, yes’’. Cecelia continued her story’’. Tasha’s parents are divorced. Her father cheated on her mother_’’.

‘’Can you like shut up?’’. Diana spoke up for her friend. ‘‘Whaaaaat?’’. Cecelia stretched out the word and said innocently’’. Everyone knows it already. Tasha’s father cheated on the woman, and it spoilt the relationship between them, but the family always forgives and forgets’’. Joseph glanced at Natasha. She hated to be reminded of her mother like that. He could tell that she was fuming on the inside, but she wouldn’t want to be rash, considering the new guest. His hands swept over her knee, trying to pacify her. ‘’So, long story short. Last year when Tasha’s dad visited, Aishat had tried to sleep with him. Things went down between them, maybe just hand stuff. We’re not completely sure’’. Cecelia then covered her mouth to release a chuckle. Aishat felt under fire, and the need to talk was surfacing. ‘’That ended the friendship’’. Cecelia kept her eyes on Natasha’’. Tragic, right?’’. Natasha chuckled humorlessly at Cecelia’s attempts to upset her’’. Are you done?’’. ‘’Am I missing something else?’’. Cecelia pouted and placed a finger on her chin’’. Did I miss something else about your mother?’’. ‘’Excuse you’’. Joseph was quick to intervene. ‘’That’s enough, Cecelia’’. Deyemi told her’’. Stop talking about it. Move on’’. Cecelia chuckled with her eyes on Nkem’’. See how men fight for her’’.

Natasha took a deep breath’’. Cecelia, don’t try me tonight’’. She warned her. Her nice demeanor could only last a while. Bratty Natty would not hold herself back from unleashing hell on anyone if her parents had mentioned it again, especially Clara. Joseph ran his hands along her thigh, soothing her. ‘’Nawa’’. Nkem commented on the story of Aishat and Natasha’s father’’. So my friend fit to sleep with my father? Naso how Lagos be?’’. Olayiwola wanted to explain that Natasha’s father was divorced, but it wouldn’t help issues either. Cecelia exhaled and spoke in a mocking sympathetic tone’’. So now, poor Olayiwola has to choose between being friends with her and Aishat. It’s so difficult’’. Nnamdi exhaled and sat up on the chair’’. If it isn’t confirmed, Aishat is a slut and sleeps with big men’’. ‘’Watch your mouth’’. Joseph told Nnamdi’’. Try to dey reason’’. ‘’It’s true; if we don’t say it out loud, we think it’’. Nnamdi then turned to Nkem’’. I’m Nnamdi, by the way’’. He gave a wink. ‘’The one who follows and kisses Deyemi’s ass because he is rich’’. Aishat jeered. ‘’Better than a breast-sagging-whore’’. Nnamdi fired back. ‘’It’s okay’’. David understood he would have to be saying that throughout the night for the hotheads in the room. They just didn’t know when to quit. 

‘’Before we go off track’’. Cecelia continued with the introduction’’. That is Diana, and beside her is her ex, David, also known as the one who drools over Layi’s every move’’. Cecelia rolled her eyes’’. He’s the perfect man for everyone. If you ask me, I think he’s hiding something, but people will just call me delusional and petty, so let me just mind what I say’’.‘’ I think you should’’. Olayiwola could agree with her on that. ‘’It’s not my fault that I don’t believe in his noble nature. Nobody is that perfect’’. Cecelia pointed out. David began to say,’’. If my perfection annoys you_’’.Cecelia was quick to interject’’. It doesn’t. You’re mistaken. I don’t think you’re perfect. Frankly, the only person that matches perfection here is Natasha, and she’s just physically perfect. Her mind is pretty messed up’’. Diana took a glance at Natasha; she had to admit it. She was perfection. God definitely took his time in creating her, turning her into a goddess. Cecelia sighed’’. And finally, Joseph_’’. 

Natasha was quick to say,’’. Victor is here too’’. All eyes moved to Victor, and he began to sweat. Too much attention was fixated on him. He thought,’’. They might notice something odd about me and make more jokes’’. When he stepped into the house earlier, Nnamdi had made sexual jokes about him. It brought back traumatic memories of secondary school. ‘’Look at this stupid Faggot”. 

“Don’t touch him; he might want to do something bad to you” “Mumu! “Ode!”.Natasha said to Nkem,’’. Victor is a good friend of mine. He studied medicine at Afe Babalola University, and he is in his last year before going to medical school’’. ‘’Ah, the doctor in the midst’’. Nkem hailed him’’. We also have a doctor in my family, but he’s in another part of the world. Far, far away’’. Nkem smiled at Victor, saying,’’. Nice to meet you’’. ‘’Okay, that’s all’’. Cecelia finished off the introductions’’. Well, you know Joseph. He’s close friends with Natasha. Some say that they are more than friends, but anyhoo’’. She waved it off, not wanting to dive too much into the status of their relationship’’. We’ll just wait for the moment they announce that they are dating. Shame for all of us that have had our eyes on Joseph for a long while, but I guess it is life’’. Aishat let out a groan and rolled her eyes’’. God, this girl’’. ‘’You can go ahead and introduce yourself, Nkem’’. Natasha offered. 

Nkem beamed with a wide smile’’. My name is Nkem Ngozi Ginikachi. I am 21 years old. I came from the village. My father is a big man in the village. So, my younger sister had a lot of problems, so we brought her here for treatment’’. ‘’What kind of problems?’’. Diana asked. ‘’Autism’’. ‘’Oh’’. Natasha was the first to speak up’’. And how’s she doing?’’. ‘’Well, we thank God oh’’. Nkem replied with a wide smile. Natasha gave a nod’’. Well, if you need any help, my aunt runs a special school in Lekki’’. She offered. ‘’Special school’’. Nkem repeated the phrase as if she had never heard it before. ‘’Yeah, like a school meant for retards’’. Cecelia spoke up. All eyes turned to her after her comment. ‘’Retard?’’. Nkem was still confused. Joseph shook his head’’. No, like a school meant for people that don’t learn the way we do. People that have challenges in learning, moving, communicating….’’ Nkem nodded slowly as she tried to process it. Natasha spoke up’’. Yeah, you should excuse Cecelia; she doesn’t know much. If I was allowed to use the word “retard” I would probably call her that, but anyway, let’s continue’’. Aishat gave a little smirk after Natasha’s shady comment. She still hadn’t changed, always delivering her blows in witty comebacks. 

As always, Cecelia found an opportunity to rile Natasha up and spoke about her parents yet again’’. First time I have heard you talk about anyone else but your parents’’. Cecelia speculated’’. It just seems to be that you don’t have anyone else but mama and papa. I’m not the only one that thinks so, though’’. She glanced around, hoping someone would agree with her. Aishat knew how Natasha must be feeling after the question. She spoke up to defend her ex-friend’’. And we don’t know anything about your parents. And so? Move on, abeg’’. ‘’Okay, ex-bestie fighting for her friend, cute’’. Cecelia commented, then placed her eyes on Natasha’’. I think she might want to make up, but anyway….’’. She smiled, proceeding with the game’’. I’m starting’’. She pointed at Natasha’’. Truth or dare, Tasha’’. ‘’Why are you starting with me?’’. Natasha asked but then decided’’. But the truth, anyway’’.Cecelia spat out the first question that came to her mind’’. What’s going on between you and Joseph?’’. Joseph released a short groan’’. Cecelia, are you following me ni? What’s your business na?’’. ‘’I want to know if you’re really single or not’’. Cecelia answered sharply and turned to Natasha’’. Oya, answer the question’’. ‘’Nothing is going on’’. Natasha answered with a straight face. Joseph silently commended her ability to lie. ‘’So, you guys don’t like to have sex each time you get?’’. Cecelia smiled. 

‘’No’’. Natasha kept her face neutral, hoping not to give an idea of her true relationship with her friend’’. We do better things’’. ‘’Like what?’’. ‘’Be good friends to each other. Not everything is about sex or gives in general’’. Natasha said with a nervous chuckle. ‘’Boring’’. Cecelia rolled her eyes’’. Okay, who’s next?’’. She looked at the rest of the guests’’. I’m thinking_’’. ‘’Shouldn’t we like to spin the bottle?’’. Natasha suggested’’. For it to be fair?’’. ‘’No’’. Cecelia refused. That would spoil her plans to cause trouble. Diana nodded in agreement with Natasha’’. I think that’s better’’. Diana handed Natasha an empty Smirnoff bottle’’. Whoever the top lies on gets to pick’’. Aishat exhaled’’. Why are we even playing truth or dare? We’re not babies anymore’’. ‘’Speak for yourself; Cecelia still wears her diapers underneath her short dresses’’. Diana muttered and received chuckles for her joke. ‘’Again with the age jokes’’. Cecelia pursed her lips’’. I’ll have you know that I have done things that none of you had’’.

‘’You should be proud of that’’. David quickly pointed out before speaking to the rest of the guests’’. Aishat is right. Truth or dare is just an opportunity to do amebo and partake in silly little teenager stuff. What about charades or just us talking about how the lockdown was on us?’’. ‘’I’ll take charades’’. Olayiwola decided. Aishat nodded’’. Yes, but the idea of talking about our lockdown experience? No. None of us really care, and I don’t really want a sad night’’. No one had a good lockdown experience. If it was spoken about, the mood in the house would be solemn throughout. She planned on living her last days in thrilling and exciting environments. ‘’Alright, let’s just do what Cecelia wants for now’’. Joseph proposed, and Cecelia’s face lit up with a smile. ‘’After one round, then we go to charades?’’. He suggested. ‘’Thank you’’. Cecelia extolled with a playful pout’’. I know deep inside you love me’’. ‘’I’ll start’’. Deyemi decided and spun the empty bottle on the floor. The bottle top stopped at Aishat, who groaned in response. Deyemi relaxed back in his chair’’. Hmph’’. ‘’Truth or dare?’’. He asked. ‘’Truth’’. Aishat responded almost immediately. She knew better than to say dare. ‘’Yes, because you say the truth all the time’’. Sarcasm laced his tone. He locked eyes with Olayiwola and figured out the best question to ask. 

‘’Why on earth do you keep poisoning your friend’s mind against me?’’. Olayiwola averted her eyes away from him and looked at Aishat, who objected’’. I don’t need to poison her mind. She is just done with your games and toxic self’’. ‘’I wasn’t toxic’’. Deyemi contradicted. Olayiwola chuckled humorlessly at his claim’’. Yeah, sure. You really weren’t’’. ‘’How was I?’’. He needed to know.

Aishat spoke of Cecelia’’. Just look at your side-piece whom you invited and know the reason why’’.

‘’I’m nobody’s side piece’’. Cecelia interjected with a high-pitched voice. ‘’Okay’’. Joseph stopped an argument before it could get into something worse’’. Nnamdi, spin, please’’. It landed on Cecelia. She smirked, giving her answer’’. Dare’’. ‘’Eh he, now we are talking’’. His face showed a mischievous glare, and Natasha became worried when his eyes met hers. Somehow, Nnamdi had managed to give her the heebie-jeebies since secondary school. There was just something dark about him. It wasn’t her that felt the same way_ Aishat had also agreed with her point of view. 

He smirked’’. Cece, I dare you to make out with Natasha’’.

Natasha grimaced after hearing the horrid request. Joseph smiled at her’’. That’s cute’’.‘’ Cute ko’’. Natasha eyed him playfully. Cecelia smiled and shrugged at Nnamdi’s request’’. No problem’’.

‘’I’m not putting my mouth on someone who just spoke trash about me’’. Natasha rejected. 

‘’Why not?’’. Cecelia asked with a pout’’. I know you’ve kissed either Layi or Aishat before, and we all know that they must have said something bad about you’’. ‘’No, and even if I did, it’s none of your business’’. Natasha pointed out clearly. ‘’Okay, I just thought you might want to do it because of your sexual orientation’’. Nnamdi ventured. ‘’And that is?’’. Natasha asked with pursed lips. Joseph released a chuckle, knowing that Sassy-Natasha was finally out to manifest. ‘’Half of the boys in school have shown interest in you, but you turn them down’’. Nnamdi spoke without looking at her’’. If you don’t like a dick, you definitely play for the other team. It’s not a problem’’.‘’ Makes you ten times hotter though’’. Nnamdi pointed out. 

‘’I’m not a lesbian’’. Natasha began to say,’’. I am just careful in choosing a partner. Because, unlike you, I am looking for someone that I can build a life with, not someone that cares about superficial things. I am looking for a man’’. She emphasized the word “man’’. Tell him. Olayiwola smirked after her friend’s response. ‘’And I’m not going to explain myself to you anymore’’. Natasha informed Nnamdi’’. Mind your business’’. ‘’Are you kissing Cecelia or not?’’. Deyemi huffed, and Natasha spat out her answer’’. No’’. ‘’Then Aishat?’’. Cecelia suggested. ‘’That’s too much’’. Nnamdi found a way to diss Aishat’’. Kiss the person who wanted to sleep with her father? Abeg’’. 

‘’Can we stop talking about that, please?’’. Olayiwola asked of her mates. It was getting old and really humiliating for Aishat and Natasha. They didn’t need their business out like that. ‘’Why?’’. Diana asked with a chuckle’’. She would fuck your dad if she had the chance to’’. ‘’Diana’’. David called out in a low tone’’. Take it easy. Let’s all try to get along’’. ‘’Along?’’. Aishat snorted’’. Half of us in this room don’t like each other or have one beef or the other. Cecelia was right. Joseph, you usually throw the best parties, but you missed the bullet with this one. How can you invite only a small amount of people?’’.

‘’It was meant to be a get-together’’. David spoke up for his friend’’. A chance for all of us to see after this draining lockdown and everything else’’. ‘’And in reality, I didn’t think most of you would show up’’. Joseph thought to say,’’. Like Cecelia, for example’’.Cecelia placed a hand on her chest, pretending as though she was hurt’’. Ouch. That was mean’’. ‘’Cecelia follows Deyemi and Nnamdi so that one is just weird’’. Diana commented’’. Anywhere the guys go, she’s there’’.‘’ Come to think of it. We actually don’t know why you people can’t get along’’. Joseph wanted to know the real reason why the girls couldn’t stand each other’’. What is it really? It’s just inherited hatred and petty moves. The problem is just with you girls’’. Natasha agreed with him’’. Girls are more difficult to handle, and we take things seriously. I’m petty’’. She was aware of her character flaw.

Cecelia rested her back on Ade’s chest’’. In my case, I feel like people just don’t like me because I’m very fun and free to be with’’.

Natasha eyed her, thinking,’’. Because we can’t stand people who are nice and free to be with”. 

‘’And the fact that you slept with Deyemi while he was with Olayiwola’’. Aishat took it upon herself to mention.‘’So that’s why you don’t like me? But he wasn’t your boyfriend, Aishat’’. Cecelia reminded her’’. He was Layi’s boyfriend’’. ‘’But she’s my friend, and I know how much she suffered’’. Aishat interjected sharply’’. Sleeping with someone that is taken. How shallow can you be?’’.‘’ You realize you’re just like her, right?’’. Diana snorted at Aishat, taking a jab at her’’. She does it to boys our age. You’re her master by sleeping with married men’’. ‘’Okay’’. Aishat chuckled as the anger in her reached its peak. Diana had been asking for it all night. It’s only reasonable that she gives it to her’’. Diana, don’t let me start with you, don’t let me start right now’’. She warned. ‘’Go on and start’’. Diana implored her with a nod’’. Start, my dear. I’m not afraid of you’’. Aishat moistened her lips and began her taunting. After all, she asked for it. ‘’Okay’’. She gave the nod and began like Diana wanted’’. Carry your shapeless little body, along with your pimples invested face and your skinny little unattractive self, out of here’’. Aishat eyed her, attacking her with the one thing she was insecure about. Her body.

She gesticulated with her long fingernails as she spoke vehemently’’. Nobody cares about you here. Apart from David, Joseph and Natasha, nobody does. You have to be a fool to not notice it. You’re not wanted here. You were never wanted here’’. Diana felt a pang of hurt in her, bringing her to nothing. A voice echoed in her head’’. You are not wanted here or in this world. Leave. Die’’. Everyone seemed to be agreeing with the voice in her head. She wasn’t worth it. She cleared her throat and gave Aishat the response she deserved’’. At least I have people that care about me’’. The thought of being alone scared every human, and Aishat had not realized that she would be alone soon. Diana declared in a shaky tone’’. Olayiwola is just your friend because she doesn’t want to abandon you as everyone else has. Her parents despise you. And your best friend, Natasha? You spoilt the only good relationship in your life because you were so easy and ready to suck a man for money as you have always done’’.

The confidence overwhelmed her, and she delivered each word as a blow’’. And that proves that you are a selfish, manipulative, dangerous little insecure bitch, and you would probably end up with an STI or worse, AIDS’’.Natasha glanced at Aishat after the abbreviation was mentioned. She unknowingly moistened her lips while Diana continued’’. And we know how AIDS can ruin someone. You can even have cancer after that. Either way, you would be alone and die. You are your doom, Aishat. Your dirty stupid habits will meet up with you in the future, or worse, your children. That’s if you live to have any. The point is that everyone knows you are a sick, manipulative, dirty, proud bastard, and you equal to nothing!’’. ‘’Woah’’. Cecelia muttered and took a sip of her beer after the outburst’’. That’s what’s up’’. Diana had succeeded in taking everyone’s breath away. 

Yes, some of them had thought about the words but never said them. It was both a good and bad thing. 

Aishat couldn’t react yet. She ruminated on the statement, “your dirty stupid habits will meet up with you one day.” That was the same thing Natasha had said to her. The last words really stung hard. She was right. The bad habits gave her something unforgettable and incurable. Diana stood up and smirked at her victory’’. I see this game is over. I’m going to get a drink. Tasha, do you want one?’’. Natasha opened her mouth to speak’’. Nah, I’m_’’. Her sentence got cut off when Aishat stood up in a jiffy and swung her fist to Diana’s face. 

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