The Girl Called Adunni..

Anike decided to fight Adunni but ... Iya agba! (Grandma!) I will soon be back!

Adunni! You are the only one I have; your mother died while giving birth to you, and your father died immediately he heard of .... Grandma was saying. Of my birth. I know the story very well, grandma, and I will not bring tears to your face... just let me go to the city and come back. If you insist on going then... I give you my blessings... You will go in peace and come back in peace. Amen....thanks, Mama... I will be back before you know it...bye. Bye Adunni. Adunni got to Benin trying to look for her address on her phone, but suddenly someone snatched the phone and ran away with it. Ha!! Help phone... Adunni was shouting, but everyone minded their own business. Hi!! Hello lady! Michael, a man in a car, said to Adunni, who was busy trekking without a destination. No response from Adunni.

I am talking to you, lady! The thing is, I need your help, please... can you help me with the description of... Michael was saying. I don't know anywhere here, as much as I would like to help you, but I have to be careful because I don't know if you are part of them. She replied, still trekking. Part of who? Those that stole my phone! Oh my God! Do they steal your phone? Sorry about that! Please come inside the car; I think I can help out a little with that. Michael said. Thanks for the offer, but I am not interested.

After much persuasion from Michael, she entered the car, and he helped her to get a small phone. She was able to retrieve her line but couldn't use the sim till the following day, so she couldn't reach out to her cousin, who she wanted to go and meet. Please, can you lend me your phone to call my grandma? Adunni asked Micheal after they've settled down in Michael's place. With all pleasure.!! Adunni explained everything she went through to her grandma and also told her she was at Michael's parent's place. Dad, Mom... seriously, she is a good lady! I think she is the one God is sending to me. Michael told his parents.

It's okay, son but all the same, let's give it time and don't forget to inform the pastor. Chief Ajishe, Michael's father, replied. I think I like the girl though she is a Yoruba lady; I am okay with it... What I will do from my own side is to get her a job. Mrs. Blessing, Michel's mother, said smiling. Thank God both of you like her. She is the one I have been praying about for a while, and if you can remember, I told you the Holy Spirit specifically instructed me to go to the place I met her yesterday. Michael explained. Yes, son! Let's wait and see. Adunni was employed as the manager of Blessing's hair and pedicure, owned by Michael's mom, with free accommodation, a saloon car, and free weavons as side benefits. She visited her cousin and shared the good news with her, but she was not happy with it; she decided to come up with an evil plan.

You have to be prayerful as I saw a heavy load on your wife-to-be, Adunni. Pastor Tedi told Michael. I saw something similar, sir; I will inform my parents and herself. Thanks, sir. Michael replied. Thanks be to God. Anike, Adunni's cousin, went to an herbalist and wanted to put a hatred spell on Adunni so that Michael and his parents would hate her, but it went wrong and affected Anike eyes instead. Ye!!! My eyes!! Old man, open my eye right now oo. Anike was shouting. I am sorry, there is nothing I can do about it. You didn't tell me your sister is a child of the Almighty. I only thought she was a Christian without fire. Anike replied. Ha!! You see this, your sister swallow and carry fire... The Almighty is so mindful of her, see his angels around her... nothing evil can happen to her. Ha!!! Old man, what do I do to my own eyes ooo?

Go and beg the daughter of the Almighty to forgive and pray for you. Adunni took Michael to the village to see her grandma, and plans started for their wedding. They did their wedding, and grandma followed Adunni to the city. Grandma lived in Adunni's former house with a maid positioned to always help out. Adunni, I am so proud of you! I know you will wipe away my tears. Grandma said. Maami (my mother), you have done a lot for have really's not easy to send a child to school these days do not stop after My, you still help me to Masters level not thinking of our condition then. Adunni said, smiling. You also tried Adunni; remember you make hair for people, collect the money and save it. I remember grandma...let's just appreciate God.

Adunni, the main reason I called you here is because of your sister, Anike... It's been like two weeks since I have been in Edo but I didn't see her come here even when I called, she didn't pick up... maybe you should take me to her house. Grandma said. Grandma, thank God you raised it; I have to be sincere with you...I had been calling and texting Anike before my wedding, but she didn't reply. I even wanted to let her know she would be my best lady, but no response till now...I even went to her house; she had packed from the place. Hmmm... let's keep praying for her then. I can't lose her mother, who happens to be my daughter, and lose her too. Grandma, you will not lose anyone. I have to be on my way now. Bye grandma. Okay, Adunni Ade, bye.

Anike decided to send a voice note to Adunni on WhatsApp confessing everything to her; she even told her the main reason she got jealous was that she, that has been living in Benin for a long period, had not come across a good man, but fortunately for Adunni she came and met one. She then told her she had repented and desired her prayers; after many fasting and prayers, Anike eyes opened, and she decided to visit her grandma. Who am I seeing?? Anike!! Is that you?? Ha!! It is not good oo Anike; you just left me. Grandma was almost crying. Grandma, I am so sorry... It's not like that! Let's just appreciate God and my sister Adunni. Adunni, thank you... God bless you, and may you deliver this twin safely. Amen. Both ladies echoed. The family united and lived happily. Anike later got married and was grateful she became a child of the Almighty too.

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