The Government Are Not To Be Blamed

Holding others responsible for our fall is the reason why we refuse to rise...

There is a dominant trait, very dominant to the extent that it will always express itself no matter what; this is the trait of complaining or inability to admit mistakes or one's personal fault. This trait is very common among people of African origin, most especially Nigerians. 70% of Nigerians never admit their fault; they will preferably put the blame on others around them or the situation at hand. Some students, instead of accepting their failure as their own unseriousness and working harder to do better, will put the blame on the school or a particular teacher.

They did not teach us very well, while others from that school are performing extremely well as they always complain. Likewise, the student and almost everyone in the society put The blame on the government. They complain that the reason for their unemployment is a result of the government's inability to provide them with job opportunities. Nigeria is a mixed economy system where both private individuals and the government have equal right to own and manage the factors of production for maximum yield and benefit of the state /country, according to the economist. Why then should we depend totally on the system of government for our development and improvement in society?

Everyone has an equal right to move the country forward; the improvements in our standard of living are our responsibility and not only for the government. Let us consider China, for instance; being a very populous nation with less natural resources than we do have in Nigeria, it is even among the world power nation of the world. They realized the burden of the government, so, therefore, they took action to help themselves and subsequently the government by making use of their initiative to innovate and create basic things that they could use in exchange for money in the market. But let me ask, what is the product of your initiative in the society as a Nigerian. We constantly profess that Niger nor they carry last; that is, we are wise and smart 🧠. That wisdom that we claimed to have will be able to use for the benefit of all, like the Chinese? Rather we used it to devise how will are going to defraud or scam other individuals within and out of the country by doing yahoo.

This yahoo of a thing you see is even inviting more harm and hardship on the nation due to the continuous lamentation of the victims. How can we be causing others to weep, yet we pray for God to heal our land?. God said I would bless the work of your hands 👐. Is it yahoo, kidnapping, stealing you expect him to bless? The greatness of this nation is in the hands 👐 of every individual and not only in the hands of the government. We can only make an impact on the nation by realizing we as the root of the problem and not only the government. There is an adage that Says a problem known is a problem solved. We are still struggling because we have not known or identified the problem. The only way out of this great suffering is to take up our individual responsibility like the Chinese. TODAY I charge not to complain about the government; take action on your responsibility because action sound 🔊 louder than words.

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