The Groom's Letter

A letter from a groom to his bride...A few moments from now, we shall stand before God and man, exchanging our vows and being unified as husband and wife.

I want to, first of all, thank you for accepting me to be your husband ( I know there were dozen of others, but you still chose me) In spite of my shortcomings, you stood firm and strong like an amazon. So thank you for this one chance. I cannot make promises that all will be bright and sunny skies, nor can I assure you that I will be there 24/7. But I can assure you of my loyalty and faithfulness to you alone, my angel. There may be days of dark clouds and thunderstorms, but together, we will withstand the heat.

I understand that due to my insensitiveness, I might not see how frustrated you are, and so I might be prone to get a little crazy and vent your problems to eager ears who just want to pour negative thoughts into your head.

Our home should be for us; our families can come to visit but please, let's keep our issues behind closed doors. Always remember that I love you and always will. Let our home be our sanctuary and our Eden. I will try to be attentive and sensitive to all your issues. Till then, meet you at the altar, my angel. Your groom-to-be.

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