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The Gun In Her Hands

She never knew she had an advantage over the people planning to take over her father's company

Walking into her already dying company, Lilian felt sick as she tried to keep her head up and prepare for the meeting she had later. Running a telecommunications company has never been easy, especially for a woman. Lately, more and more subscribers have been changing to other service providers, making most of the investors threaten to pull out their investment. They had only two major investors yet to pull out, and their continuous support depended on the outcome of the meeting.

She stayed up all night preparing for the meeting, going through charts, and reviewing points. Her life depended on the survival of the company. Her late father had established the Litel telecommunications company, and during his time, the company flourished. After his death, she had taken over his company as the only child, which didn't go down well with some of the board members as she was considered a young and inexperienced woman. A few pulled out, which was a major setback for the company.

It became worse when their system was tampered with, causing poor services. She sighed when she checked her watch and found out it was just ten minutes before the meeting commenced. Muttering some words of prayer and encouragement to herself, she made her way into the board room to meet other members of the board seated already. She walked shoulder high to her seat at the head and sat confidently.

"Ok, since we are all here, let's get down to business," Mr. Wole said. "As we all know, this company is facing some temporary crisis, and we....." "The crisis doesn't seem so temporary anymore," one of the board members said, loud enough for everyone to hear. The board room became disorganized, with various comments flying in the air. Lilian was at a loss. She just stood there watching the whole drama. "I'm pulling out my investments," Wole said angrily as he hit the desk. "Well, your loss. I have a practical plan to help bring the company back to the limelight while you stay in your God-forsaken company and watch us grow," Lilian fired, breathing hard. She didn't know where the courage came from.

"So, what do you have in mind," Yomi, another investor, asked when calm had been restored to the room. "So, as I said earlier, the............" she said and began to enlighten them on the process of the company's plan, step by step. "So we would give free SIM cards and extravagant bonuses. We would also rebrand the company, the logo, visions, and goals.

Lest I forget, plans have been put in place to look into the case of those hacking into the system of the company, and a few suspects have been mentioned. They definitely would be brought to book," she said, looking straight at Wole, who shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Silence ruled the board room, and then as if on cue, they gave her a loud ovation. "Wow, that's a good point, dear, but who would shoulder the cost and bear the loss," an investor asked. "Wole would bear the lo....," What?!" Wole screamed, "I think I have a few names with me, from the investigations carried out by the...." Lilian started "I'll bear the losses," Wole said, cleaning beads of sweat from his face. 

Lilian had discovered earlier that week the person behind the company's misery. Wole was smart, but she certainly was smarter. She had a weapon that she intended to use well till the company flourished again.

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