Olabisi 1 year ago

The Guru

The Guru: My experience at N.Y.S.C and after it. Is teaching a profession in Nigeria?

At seventeen, I got to use chalk and duster
After serving with ink and paper
In the broad days and nights;
I traveled far and wide with new shades
To decorate my hands
With a margin of error.
At twenty-six, I was given a paper
To carry around chalk and duster
To serve my fatherland.
Then, I saw a syringe, telescope, theodolite, and cardboard
Carrying chalk and duster
After serving with ink and paper.
There was no room to dust my duster.
On the streets, my chalk was crystal clear;
For society, I carry my chalk and duster,
But there was no gift nor congratulatory letter;
All I got in return is scolding and query
From the management and parents.
My name was spelled with fake lips
And empty my hand with handshaking;
If chalk and duster change today,
I’ll be shot out like a bullet of that day
When the gun was longer than the bunny.
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