The Guy With The Pink Lips🙈

I know you are cute but nothing is more important than marzaz" 😋 I comforted myself and continued my sweet time with my favorite marzaz.

"There's terrible traffic'' oh, God, I'm already late; I have to hurry up" I have shifted my office work just to get there on time. I knew I must be at my best, so I walked toward my wardrobe and searched for a nice outfit. After a long search, I came up with a fitted blue gown with a white handbag. "This will do perfectly, Esther ''. Said, my neighbor. I walked straight to the mirror, looking at my reflection. Thereafter, I was done dressing my hair. My phone rang. "Come on time," my friend's words echoed in my mind, and I accelerated more...

After the stress I went through because of traffic, I was able to reach the writer's conference hall on time, and wow, it was Big and beautifully decorated with LED lights and flowers. Getting to the venue, I packed my car; stepping down, I turned back to see attractive lips. Well, forget about the lips; those lips got my attention. I realized that the lips were pretty attractive, " but what about the guy?" thought crossed my mind, and I raised my head up to see his face curiously, but he turned back, ignoring me. I took a deep breath, and his smell made my mind dozy; I closed my eyes and got lost in that smell; when I opened my eyes, I lost the trace of him. I heard my mobile ringing, and it was my friend's call; I answered and said, "hello Sam, I'm outside the event center.

Until a few seconds back I was not at all interested in this conference, but now I have to look for him and see his face. Searching for a guy just by knowing his lips is weird, right? After a few minutes of searching, I got exhausted and ran out of energy. I thought to take a break from my mission and have a meal first. It was a buffet, so I took a plate and stood in the row. When I came to the food stand, I said, "I want marzaz," looking at the caterer. She looked at me and replied, "sorry, ma; we don't have marzaz here" That felt weird, right? I smiled and said, "well, you should not respond like that; search, and you will find it."

After 5 seconds, the person that stood behind me said, "we are getting late" Then I looked at the caterer and said, "Ok, search and keep it aside; I will return soon," and moved forward to get Fanta and meat pie. Immediately after I finished the meat pie, I curiously went to the food stand to know whether she was able to get the marzaz or not. I looked at her and asked, "got any?" raising my eyebrows. "Yes, ma'am, I have searched 2 for you," she replied, smiling. Thanks," I said, smiling back, then she placed that well-fried marzaz (Native food) on my plate. While leaving, I looked at her and said, "search one more; I will be back." She nodded with a smile.

The disappointment of not finding that guy was replaced by the taste of my favorite well-fried marzaz; Now, as I finished my food, I thought of going home with another plate of marzaz. But unfortunately, I had to again stand in the row as there was no middle entry. As I was standing in that long line, I noticed a guy was standing in front of me, there was something special about him for some unknown reason, and suddenly my nose caught his scent. It's the same guy with the pink lips whom I saw when I was trying to pack my car. A weird feeling was running under my skin; I was excited, so excited that my palms got wet. I wanted to see him, just to say "hi" and hear his voice and see his teeth. I tried to peek from behind to look at him, but the uncle before him gave me a look, 😂 actually, it was a stare. I was getting impatient; I wanted to see him, talk to him, and tell him he smelled good. Wow, the last one was weird, but it's true, in fact.

Finally, we reached the caterer, and I still hadn't seen him yet; he turned towards the food stand and requested white soup. That was when I got to see him. he is very cute, and his chubby cheeks and pink lips made me fall for him instantly. I was no more on the ground during that moment; I was literally flying in the air, making my way to heaven in his Love. He took a step ahead, and someone said, "sir, with marzaz?" "I hate marzaz" he responded, not even looking at the caterer; those words smashed me back on the ground. My mind got blank, and I was pushed back into hell now. "Ma, here is your fried marzaz," the caterer said, looking at me, and he turned back, hearing my voice. Our eyes met and got locked for a few fractions of seconds. My heart started beating like Usain Bolt like it wanted to win some heart-beating competition. "He is so beautiful, joor" I smiled a little, and he smiled back; his eyes were saying that he thought that I would say no to marzaz, "pink lips or marzaz, pink lips or marzaz" kept echoing in my mind. It was the toughest situation of my life. "Ma'ma, marzaz," a voice disturbed me, breaking that moment; I gave him a smile and decided to listen to my heart and forwarded my plate for marzaz.

The caterer placed a well-fried marzaz on my plate, and immediately his smile got vanished, and he gave me a stare, and he left the place without turning back. I know you are cute, but nothing is more important than marzaz" 😋 I comforted myself and continued my sweet time with my favorite marzaz.

Thanks for reading.


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