The Haunting Past

Gives insights on leaving the past behind us. Many people have been entangled with the past and have refused to embrace the healing the present is giving them. Yes, the mistakes of the past brought consequences, but how long will you keep holding on to the hurts and scars? Do you know that your condition might not require that you see a therapist? You need to let go of the past, step on them, and use them as stepping stones to your growth.

Common, the deed has been done, you've faced the consequences; yes, it did bring scars, you still have to let go. That depression has refused to leave because you have refused to look ahead.

The most important thing you need now is to let go, let God have His way, pick lessons from the past and heal up. We sometimes wallow in regrets whenever things don't go as planned; we then put ourselves in shells wanting to make sure we're punished for such acts. Tell me, for how long will you continue to dwell in the past? So many opportunities have come your way; instead of embracing them, you begin to lament and refuse to forge ahead.

Dear you, let those hurts and regrets go and embrace the healing the present is giving you. That horrible mistake you made and have been regretting daily should not limit you. The longer you hold on, the higher and deeper the hurts because if care is not taken, you will pass this on to those coming behind you.

Some people act the way they do now because of how their past life was lived. Stop spreading the hurts. That somebody did you wrong years back does not mean he will do that to other people; change is constant. Have a growth mindset, darling.

I pray for whoever is finding letting go of their past hard; dear Jesus, give them the grace to forgive themselves and their offenders so that your work in their lives will not be hindered. Heal every broken heart this day. In Jesus' name, we've prayed. Amen!

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