The Hidden History Of Aviation

Continue reading to get the hidden secrets about the history of airplane invention.

Aviation, according to Wikipedia, is defined as the activities surrounding mechanical flights and the aircraft industry; it can also be defined as the operation and production of aircraft. Aviation comes from the Latin word "Avis," which means "birds" the aviation industry includes aircraft manufacturing, air safety, military, and the newest introduction of the drone. 

You can't talk about the history of aviation without talking about men like Daedalus and Icarus escaping the island of Crete by gluing feathers Or King Bladud, who used necromancy to build himself feathers but died in his attempt TO the famous Leonardo Dan Vinci's ornithopter which was never tested, just to mention a few. But in the year 1903, humans achieved this feat in the person or let me just persons, or I will just simply say two brothers the name Wilbur and Orville Wright, Popularly called the wright brothers, took up the big challenge and succeeded. 

Wilbur Wright was the first to bring his model for testing, but his model failed the test; then, a few months later, on December 17, 1903, to be precise, Orville's model was to be tested, and it passed the test by staying afloat in the air for 12 seconds and moving for 120 feet in the sky, But the accolades were given to both of them because Orville model was just an upgrade of his brother's, so they both get the credit for the success.

Get ready for my next article on some of those failed attempts.

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