Ibrahim Zilatan 2 years ago

The Hypocrisy Of The #endsars Protesters As Regards The Condemnation Of Yahoo Ritualism

The Yahoo ritualism and government deficiencies should be condemned by all. Stop the mono-directional focus on government deficiencies as displayed by the Endsars protesters.

Undoubtedly, human life is the most cherished aspect of the existential qualities of man. The need for man to protect his life marks the etiology of health and medicine. Aside from medicine, we strive on a daily basis to protect our lives against any inhuman tendencies that could end our existence. In Nigeria, on 3rd October 2020, operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) allegedly shot a young man at Wetland Hotel in Ughelli, leaving him injured. This incident was filmed and went viral, sparking an outcry on social media against SARS, using the hashtag #EndSARS to show a serious grievance against this singular occurrence.

Since then, the #EndSARS campaign has drawn worldwide attention to Nigeria. With support from both international corporations and celebrities, it has become the latest protest movement to attract solidarity globally, especially after the alleged opened fire on unarmed protesters in Lekki, Lagos, on 20th October, reportedly killing 12 people. At least some more lives have been lost in Nigeria since the protest began either by hijackers or the unguarded protesters. Beginning as a call to dismantle the country’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit, #EndSARS in the long run, became a theatrical stage for looting, killing of innocent police officers, civilians, and stealing. Public analysts assumed that the protest is significant on its merit because it is a movement across the youth spectrum in the most populous black nation on Earth. Based on the incessant agitation of the youths, the SARS unit was disbanded on 11th October 2020. Since the unit was dissolved, the hashtag continued to generate nearly 30 million tweets in the first 48 hours and keeps trending in major cities across the world. 

Arising from the above, it is clear that the rationale behind the END SARS campaign is to stop the continuous killing of the youths at the hands of SARS to protect the lives of other potential victims. Even though the protest was not the appropriate tool that could be adopted to solve the menace of police brutality until it became rioted, thereby leading to the loss of more lives and properties worth millions of dollars across the country. On the 29th of January, 2022, One teenager and two others were allegedly caught burning the head of a girl called Rofiat, whom they killed for money ritual purposes at the Oke Aregba area of Abeokuta in Ogun State. It was gathered that the trio, namely Wariz Oladehinde, 17, Abdul Gafar Lukman, 19, and the 20-year-old Mustakeem Balogun, were all noticed by a local community security guard, Segun Adewusi, at the scene of the incidence. This is not the first incidence of ritual killings in Nigeria and in Ogun state specifically. Several ritual killings have been attributed to the emerging yahoo boys in different regions of the country. 

This particular "Rofiat's" incident has instigated public worries, maybe based on the youngness of the crime perpetrators (17,19 and 20). The incidence of yahoo ritualism or yahoo without ritual is a common escape valve for youths who think being poor is a sin. As such, no way is wrong to get rich, even cyber criminality or money ritual, which many call yahoo plus. What I have come to observe about the menace of Yahoo ritualism in our society is the unbothered nature of the significant others vis a vis parents, friends, neighbors, religious leaders, celebrities, lecturers, and stakeholders alike, maybe as a result of the token, they are benefiting from these agents of shayton called yahoo boys. These unbothered attitudes have been responsible for the glorification and continued perpetration of this heinous crime called ritual killings by these yahoo men and boys across different regions of the country. The question that comes to mind on hearing about the Rofiat's incidence is; what are the reactions of the endear protesters or the youths generally on this issue, especially on Twitter? Do they even feel the need to speak against the "yahoo yahoo" menace? Or they were only concerned about the general concept of ritual and ritual killings which do not even generate 10percents of the views generated within 48 hours of the END SARS campaign on Twitter. 

Because, as much as I could observe, the soroke youths or the END SARS protesters are not as emotionally concerned as they were about the END SARS syndrome. Then, I begin to wonder about the level of hypocrisy looming amongst our youths, who are always very antagonistic against the present administration whenever they observe any political deficiency in the direction of governance. An important question that needs to be answered is; why are they quiet about speaking against the danger of yahoo ritualism or the one without ritual? If truly they are concerned about preserving human lives as claimed by them during the end END SARS protest? I would say maybe the END SARS protest was not initially intended to stop police brutality against the generality of people but for yahoo boys and yahoo men or because the majority of our youths are into the business of cyber criminality and ritualism because if it was meant for all and sundry, any danger posed against human life by anyone either by SARS or yahoo boys should be spoken against without any element of hypocrisy!. Why then are the youths quiet about speaking against the menace of "yahoo yahoo" among their siblings, friends, and neighbors?... Are they afraid of being used by these yahoo boys and men?..... Are they skeptical of losing online giveaways? If not, then they are hugely benefiting from the menace of yahoo ritualism, and as such, they are allies and encouragers to these evil perpetrators (yahoo boys and men). 

The fact remains that we won't stop witnessing the occurrence of yahoo ritualism if we won't speak against it, not through protest but through the words of our mouths and negative attitudes towards the yahoo boys and men around us. Because I could still remember vividly when the END SARS protesters were asked about why they think we should all speak against police brutality, many of them would say, "we don't know who they (SARS) might kill next; it might be any of our family members or friends." Why didn't they now think the yahoo boys and men could behead or harvest any organ of their family members for ritual purposes. Why are these activists not thinking in this direction if truly they are patriotic as they used to claim, especially the likes of Macaroni, Aisha Yesufu, and their gullible supporters and allies? I think the major problem here is "hypocrisy," as it has always been the major disease of the modern man, and the fear of losing their yahoo friends because the moment they begin to speak ill of yahoo activities, the moment their monetary benefit stops. And for those that have been reacting against this yahoo menace, kudos to you...but, for the hypocrites, the end will justify the means! Keep being the allies of yahoo ritualists and keep deceiving us about your false hatred towards them; when the time comes for one of your organs to be used, it will surely be used by your yahoo allies. 

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