The Imbalanced World

What a world, A world that makes the lower class feel miserable living and favors the wealthy class

The world that impels those that hardly move their fingers to govern those that work like a machine. Despite the Abundant wealth the upper class possessed, They could never let out their covetousness. They will always want more, and they will always use the commoners to get their dirty job done for them.

Imagine a rich man's son committed a crime, and he was replaced by a less privileged, but why? Because he is richer than he is because he was promised a huge amount of money in return, he has to give in just because of money. Do the commoners have a hundred souls? No, so why can't the wealthy man's son receive his punishment just because they believe, They can control the world just by them flaunting some money between their fingers.

They will always replace their family with their position, Never giving the proletariat the chance to be there. Regardless of their family qualification, They got the seat just because of their camaraderie. They believe even if you have the potential and you lack connection, you can't get the position you deserve. But when exactly are we going to quit living in a world led by greed and selfishness?

When are we going to start hiring people based on their potential, not their connection? When are we going to live in a balanced world? When is everybody going to be treated equally? When will the wealthy class stop feeling they are better because of their wealth. Not fighting justice for a person because he is from a lower class. This is basically how the world works, And we all believe it is the right thing, which is wrong.

It is high time the wealthy class starts giving the commoners the chance to be there. And the proletariat, on the other hand, shouldn't give up on their self-esteem as humans; being the wealthy class hunt dog or puppet will bring no respect to you, but you will always be used and detached.

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