The Impact Of Compliments

Have you ever been at the receiving end of kindness? Have you ever been complimented, encouraged, or appreciated? What's the feeling like? You know the answer. Truth is, behavior rewarded is behavior that will continue.

A couple of nights ago, I was having a conversation with one of my friends on the phone, and he talked about how he met a very beautiful lady on the streets of Enugu. He stopped her and told her how beautiful she was. The girl was shocked. She asked him who he was, but he only smiled, told her not to worry, and quietly walked away. She just stood there gazing at him till he walked out of sight.

The truth is, that kind of thing is rare. On a normal, when a guy stops a girl in her tracks to compliment her beauty, the next thing that comes to mind is *interest. That's what we've come to understand, EXCEPT FOR A FEW EXCEPTIONS.

No lady expects a guy to just compliment her beauty without wooing her. I don't know what brought about that notion. The point is this: We need to start learning to compliment people with no strings attached. John C. Maxwell, in his book 'Be a People Person, explained: "Most of us think wonderful things of people, but they never know it. Too many of us tend to be tight-fisted with our praise. It's of no value if all you do is think it; it becomes valuable when you impart it."

Why is it that it's the day someone doesn't dress well that you notice and tell them how bad they're dressed when you've never told them how good they'd been looking? Someone has been singing well, but you've never encouraged them. It's the day they miss the key that you talk. Let's learn to compliment people. Even if you don't feel a thing for that girl but in your mind you know she's good, tell her. And girls, don't take every compliment as an indication of interest. Until he asks you out, his compliments remain an act of kindness. No, go give yourself an unnecessary heart attack😁

When we compliment and appreciate people, we bring out the best in them. Behavior that is rewarded is behavior that will continue. Be the reason why someone smiles.

With Love,

Faith Abuh

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