“the Impact Of Technology In The Lives Of Modern Day Students”

This article exemplified the impact of technology in lives of modern day students. Both positive and negative impacts. Do well to peruse and delve into it oceans.


There is no doubt, and it's unequivocal, that the world has become a global village. The advent of technology and its advancements is making everything so easy and more accessible to so many people. This development has also infiltrated and impacted the area of education, both positively and negatively. It has been made crystal clear that the infiltration of technology into the education sector has led to the use of technological tools and devices by the student, which aids their intellectual horizon. It has also made learning convenient and flexible, enhanced teaching and learning, and likewise made the classroom more interactive. Therefore, the reliance and dependence on the technology by modern-day students connotes that the benefits enjoyed by students can't be overemphasized. 


It has been deduced that with the aid of technology, education has gone from passive and reactive to interactive. The advent of technology has made the modern-day student highly exposed to so many things (Globalization), which has helped in shaping their learning horizon, enhanced teaching and learning likewise increased access to information. However, in the narrow and wider sense, the impact of technology on modern-day students is both positive and negative; because technology has completely changed the concepts of teaching and learning, its impacts now depend on its usage, that either the end-user uses it positively or negatively. 


The advent of technology has made things easier; modern-day students scout the resources on the internet for better and brighter. Before the advent of technology, students engaged in fatigue, monotonous and obnoxious tasks before getting their desired result, especially in the area of research. Students have to go into the library to search and read intensively to get little information. And the few cybercafés then became the home and location of students. This involves a lot of difficulties; therefore, monotonous, obnoxious tasks and fatigue are involved.


The advent of technology has led to the enhancement of the teaching and learning of modern-day students. The use of technological tools and devices has made learning and teaching easy and very convenient, which makes the student grapes a concept easy. For example, the use of projectors and PowerPoint presentation for teaching students will undeniably attract the attention of students and makes the class interactive. This is because students grasp something seen than written; therefore, the use of visual devices is very imperative. 


Globally's now well known that some universities in Nigeria and worldwide have established Distance Learning Centres, e.g., Ahmadu Bello University, University of Ibadan, Distance learning centers, etc. These centers are visually impaired or online institutions where students from any geographical location can learn and obtain/certificates, thereby breaking the limitation of geographical barriers. This can't be possible unless with technological tools and devices.\ More

so, instructors of the highest cadre and caliber can share knowledge across borders, allowing students to attend courses across physical, political, and economic boundaries. Thus, with the aid of technology, it is possible for a student of Ahmadu Bello University to log on to a lecture being delivered in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world. 


The come of technology has impacted the students in the area of globalization. It gives the modern-day student a sense of awareness to know what is happening across, which brings opportunities to their doorsteps. For example, many Nigerian won several scholarships to European countries as a result of the advertisement they saw with the aid of technological devices. Also, it creates a sense of belonging for students to meet with their peers and discuss topics of common interest, which makes their engagement fascinating, intriguing, and interesting. 


As aforementioned, the above positive impact of technology on modern-day students is pertinent, and with no doubt that the introduction of technology and its tools, devices, and facilities to the education of students is yielding positive results. 


Having started above, that the impact of modern-day student depends on the student's usage, there is no iota of doubt that there are bad eggs amidst the good, who use the technology negatively, therefore has affected them negatively, some of which are:


The onset of technology to modern-day student serves as a source of distraction as a result of various elements and features on technological devices, which distract them from their studies, and makes them engaged in unprofitable engagements like sports betting, gambling, and even internet fraud, which led to the destruction of many modern-day students. Many modern-day student even engages themselves in pornography, which makes them lose focus of the manifest functions of why they own technological devices. 


Skill has become part and parcel of many modern-day students to chat with shorthand language, this has grown with their growth, and they tend to use it officially even writing examinations. This is a result of high exposure to the technology, which they often use 24/7. This part of the negative impact of technology makes modern-day students writing skills deteriorate and decline. As a result of the high exposure of modern-day student, technological devices, such as phones and high scientific calculator, now serves as an instrument of examination malpractice. The standardization of student reading to pass has reduced to a drastic level since technological devices now make things easier; they smuggle phones to examination halls with confidence.


It is cleared, curtained, précised, and unequivocal that technology is making everything so easy and more accessible and its yielding positive results and likewise negatives. However, it's pertinent that the impact of technology on modern-day students depends on their usage as end-user, either positively or negatively.

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