The Importance Of Reading

What an elder sees sitting down, a child who reads can see it too.

We see people speak on stage and be like, wow! I like the way this person speaks or how he knows so much. And oftentimes, we want to be like them. Reading builds your intellect and brainpower. Although reading has been considered a boring chore by many and only a few see the beauty of it. A lot of people don't like reading, and I wonder how they grow?. Reading is a skill that everyone should cultivate. What an elder sees sitting down, a child who sits down and reads can also see it. Reading is the process of taking in or receiving the sense of symbols, letters, etc. and understanding their meanings.


Reading grows the mind:

Just as we grow physically, we also need to grow in mind. Like the way we feed ourselves, our minds, too, need to be fed. When we read, we grow, and when we don't, we remain stagnant. Not just reading alone, reading positive things because what you read influences the mind. And there is no limit to reading; because your field is engineering doesn't mean you can't read about psychology. A reader pays attention to little details and is very detailed. Someone said, 'A genius is not someone who knows everything but someone who knows little about everything.'

A reading mind is an inquisitive mind:

Why do we read?. We read for so many reasons. Education, entertainment, and reading also serve as an escape route from earthly worries. And the more we read, the more we want to know more. Since there is no limit to reading, we can read more. While we read, our minds are full of so many questions, so we read more in order to answer those questions. Reading makes us curious, and it satisfies our curiosity. Readers always ask the 'wh' questions and read more to find answers. When I read foreign books, I come across names of places there, so during the lockdown, I learned about the states and capitals of 'The United States of America.'

Reading improves writing and speaking skills:

No matter the field we are in, we need to know how to speak and write. Reading improves communication skills. Someone speaks, and we are awed by the way he or she speaks. It's most likely a result of consistent reading. Though some people are born with it, they still read to improve it. It also improves spelling capability; the more you read, the more you come across words, and by seeing them often, you become accustomed to them, so spelling them is easy. Learning new words, too; the more we read, the more we learn new words. We also develop our knowledge of punctuations, when, and how to use them. In addition, reading influences our choice of words when conversing; we know when to be formal while speaking and when not to be.

Reading educates us:

If you want to know more about something, you have to read more about that particular thing. Reading never ends because you can never know it all. When we read, we become more informed. It increases our literacy and capabilities. When we read, we learn a lot that can be applicable in our everyday lives, not only in tough situations. Reading helps to keep us informed about what happens in our world. It keeps us in tune with the trends of the world; we can develop a good dress sense, culinary skills, etc. It also keeps us ahead and helps us predict future events. 

Reading improves creativity and imagination: When we read, we broaden our horizons. We paint the pictures in our heads through written words that inspire imagination and become more creative. We get to live many lives and experiences through reading, and so when we are faced with a similar situation, we know what to do. A person who reads is never short on ideas because he/she has explored so much through imagination which leads to creativity. Writers have to read more to produce good content; through reading, they are able to broaden their horizons and explore their imagination to bring out something creative. Through reading, we get to know and understand not just our history but the history of other cultures. 

Reading serves as an escape route from earthly worries:

Have you ever read a piece of writing and felt much better after reading it?. Reading helps you escape temporarily from worries, troubles, and sad situations, thereby reducing depression. While reading, you are lost in the persona's world and temporarily forget about yours, this reduces stress, and you worry less. Sometimes when you read, you put yourself in the persona's situation and, as a result, forget about your own troubles.

Reading boosts our empathy:

Having read a lot makes us more emphatic. Readers possess emphatic qualities. We tend to understand people through facial expressions and body language and even through speaking with them. A reader can tell you about someone just by having a single conversation with that person. Readers are good judges of people. Readers sympathize with others, are sensitive, and experience the feelings and thoughts of others without having been told.

Reading builds our mindset:

When we read, we develop a new mindset for ourselves, a positive mindset that helps develop us, and our perspective about a lot of things changes. The way we begin to act and reason changes, and people will wonder why you are so different; reading makes you different. Someone who has read a lot will be more open to trying new positive things and making positive changes. Our mindset influences our character; the way we think is the way we act. So reading good content helps produce a positive mindset.

Reading inspires and motivates us:

When we read and get to learn the stories of others, we feel inspired and become motivated by their stories, and we want to do more for ourselves. We become more resilient and hard-working and strive to be successful. Reading gives us this determination to do more and better for ourselves. We use the stories of others to set goals and plan to achieve them. It gives us the strength to want to go on even after several trials and failures just because we are inspired and motivated by the story of others. How can you even grow in your field if you don't read?. Since reading has no limits, you can read randomly. If you have anything you want to know more about, you can easily Google and read through it. Good thing we have Google. Even if you feel that information is not relevant, it is always good to know more. Let's make reading a habit.

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