The Interplay Between The ‘nation’s Greed’ And The Collapse Of Our ‘national Grid

The Nation's GREED and the Constant collapse of our Power Grid...

A thing of constancy, the collapse of our national grid. I often wonder how my country is surviving and thriving. The National Grid, one of the world's largest publicly listed utilities focused on transmission and distribution of electricity and gas, which plays a role in connecting millions of Nigerians to safe energy use, is down again. And the question I ask myself is this: on whose curse are we operating? But beyond that, shouldn't we talk about Our National GREED?

A system built on Nepotism, Deception, and Corruption, which have all eaten deep into our system like a cankerworm. Where the political portfolio of 'cargos' in their 60's and 70's are displayed with great enthusiasm, and the youth service gets slashed to 30? Who is deceiving who? The struggle for the National Pot of Pottage and our tunnel of gold has become the Paramount Agent of Greed. No one wants to leave the hem of the affair, positions now hierarchical in syndrome. "I'll pass my position to my Child," haba! Can the Greedy be satisfied?

The struggle for the PVC, a card we hope will change our struggle and Turmoil. But will they even let us have it? Oh, the greedy have banked all means to stomach. How shall we survive? Who shall liberate us? Should we continue in the tale of our NATIONAL GREED? Let's hope the next Process would usher in the man of the people, but will the GREED also allow the upcoming youth to stay put? Those who want to steal from our pot of Pottage are much more than those who have stolen. Corruption and Bribery, Our GREED.

If we miss it again, not only will Our Grid keep collapsing, But the heart of the common Nigerian would be greed filled. I beseech that all hands be on deck for this great nation, lest we suffer in our own abundance. Shunning corruption and evil vices, gearing and working towards National unity, and not forgetting to leave aside ethnicity and religious biases. NIGERIA, I believe, will be great again. Our grid will stand Firmly soon. Till then, Fare the well...

©Barnabas Akindele

June 14, 2022

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