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The Kidnap

I only wanted to become a successful known business woman but I refused to obey the voice that said...

Help me, somebody! Help! Tomiwa was shouting at the top of her voice. Will you keep quiet?! Wetin dey worries una!!(What is wrong with you!!) Sunday, one of the kidnappers shouted. I am a peaceful lady who goes about doing business. Tomiwa continued. Boss! Free me! Make me chop this one (Allow me to kill her). Gbenga, another guy, said.No, she is a money bag; we will gain much from her. The boss said.


Tomiwa, you should stay back a little. Stay back?! I can't o, if that is the voice of the devil, get thee behind me. Tomiwa said. Hmmm. My daughter, you can stay for a few hours before you go out. I can't... God, you are the one who provided this new contract, so why should I get there late? I have prepared the way before you. You asked for my protection this morning, and I am doing that now.

Holy Spirit, right? I trust you love me and you will continue to protect me...the protection I asked for is when I go out... and so I don't lose this contract but as you can see if I don't go now...I will lose it. Tomiwa said and knelt to pray against any spirit of delay, then moved out of the house. Guy! This house is big o... how many occupants live here? Gbenga, One of the kidnappers, asked his colleagues.

How I go know? (How do I know?) Sunday, the other kidnapper replied. See, we are here on a mission to kidnap Mr. Lekan and his wife, so let's be focused, please. The driver said. Guys! That's one woman coming; let's ask her for Mr. Lekan's apartment. Gbenga said. That's true. Let me get down. Sunday said Hi ma'am! I am Sunday. My friends are in the vehicle, we are businessmen, and we are here to see Mr. Lekan so he can be our legal adviser, but we couldn't recognize his apartment. He lied. Okay, but this is a house and not an office, I think you should go look for him at his office, and I am sorry, as you can see, I am running off for an appointment; I can't afford to get there late. Tomiwa said. Oh! Sorry madam, for using your time. Can you please give us his office address? Sunday asked.

Oh! How did I come across someone like you this early morning? Okay!! I don't know his office. Tomiwa said, getting irritated already. Sunday opened his pocket to show Tomiwa his hidden gun. Ha!! Shhhhhhh... get inside the car, lady! Yes sir! Alaye, no, this lady boss sent us to kidnap. (It is not this lady that the boss sent us to kidnap) The driver complained. I know, but this one is proving stubborn, and she looks rich. Sunday replied. Good move, guy! Where to now? She will direct us to Mr. Lekan's office, and we will kidnap him and his wife...Then, we also have this woman as an additional!! There was laughter in the car(After going to Mr. Lekan's office and his wife's restaurant, they kidnapped the couple and drove them to their joint with Tomiwa in the vehicle) Ha!! Help me!! Tomiwa was still shouting. It's like you want me to test my gun on your head, abi!? Boss burst out and continued. Where did you see her? She was not part of the plan before though she is going to vomit money for us looking at her appearances. Boss said, laughing. The guys explained to him how they kidnapped Tomiwa, and he seemed okay with it since she would bring out the money.

Mrs. Tomiwa, how can you do this to us? You should at least consider my family. Mr

Lekan was accused after the guys had left. Sir, I am so sorry, I was held captive, and there was nothing I could do. Hmmm... I just pray we come out safe. We will come out safe, sir. This morning, the Holy Spirit warned me about leaving the house at the exact time I did. Okay? Curious, Mr. Lekan asked. Yes, He did... He even went to the extent that He has prepared the way for me, and I don't need to rush to where I was supposed to sign a contract. Are you for real? Mrs. Sarah, Lekan's wife, asked. I am, do you know the funniest thing? No, we don't. They both said. I received a text message when the kidnap happened that the boss who was supposed to sign the documents had to travel urgently and won't be back till tomorrow morning. Tomiwa said, lamenting. You can't be serious, Mrs. Tomiwa... That is heartbreaking. It is Sir. I think what we need to do tonight is seek God's mercy. Tomiwa was saying. We also need to confess ours. The couple said. Okay?

Because of covetousness, I accepted to defend Chief Ayigbe, but when I later did my underground investigations, I found out the politician was an evil man who raped and killed the lady. No! You don't mean that Chief Ayigbe is truly guilty of rape and murder! Tomiwa said, remembering all the lies on social media that proves the girl committed suicide after her boyfriend raped her. You haven't heard anything yet! Mr. Lekan, what else do I need to hear? Mrs. Tomiwa, the money chief gave to my husband, was the one I used in opening my restaurant. Mrs. Sarah said. Ha!! I think I understand it now! You don't yet! You see, after the first sitting where I got to know the truth, I told the chief I was not interested in being his lawyer again, and he threatened I would die. Mr. Lekan was saying. Wait... what about the boyfriend that was accused falsely? And the lady's mother that stood her ground that she is sure chief killed her daughter?

Exactly where I am going... you see, I met the young man, and he told me secret things about chief...he ... even went as far as showing me a few voice notes between his girlfriend and chief... He said that's what the chief does... sleeps with ladies as he pleases and those who are stubborn...he rapes and kills them. Mr. Lekan explained. So, both of you being here is because of the chief, and the case is still in court presently!!... Wow...I am getting it... meaning the chief will get another lawyer who can replace you and won't know any of his hidden secrets. Exactly! Mr. Lekan exclaimed. I think what we all should do is ask God for mercy, and I am sure he will do that. I can't afford to put my family in fear. Mrs. Tomiwa said. What are you talking about? want to escape? I pity you! Yes, Tomiwa! You better don't copy those idiots as they will be killed when chief Ayigbe arrives tomorrow morning after today's hearing. Mr law!! Well-done. Gbenga said and left Guys!!! I recorded that! Mrs. Sarah whispered loudly. Shhhhhhhh... They might be hearing us; please be careful. Mrs. Tomiwa pleaded.

What?? Was the reaction from her husband. I recorded all our conversations, including the one that just happened now. Mrs. Sarah explained happily. Wow...that's good... did you manage to keep your phone? I thought they collected all our phones? Mrs. Tomiwa asked. The thing is, I have three small Tecno they only collected the iPhone and small phone while my Android phone was inside my pants. Mrs. Sarah explained. How did you manage to do that, darling? Have you forgotten I am a wife to a lawyer? I am smart... I put it on airplane mood and put it there immediately after I saw the guys coming; something inside me told me they were evil. So, I have all our discussions from the vehicle to this time. She explained.

Please save it very well and send it to my husband, he is family to the commissioner of police... He will get the police here latest by night. Tomiwa said. Hmmm... I just hope the chief is not friends with him? That man is well connected!! Mr. Lekan lamented. Who do you guys suggest, then? I think we should send it to four sets of people!! Mrs. Sarah was explaining. Yes? Mrs. Tomiwa asked My husband, YouTubes, your husband, the governor's P.A who happened to be one of my good customers, which I am sure she will show the governor and our pastor. She explained. I agree with you, but please don't send any on social media because the guys here have phones and can access the internet, and if they see it before the police come here, then we are all dead. Mr. Lekan explained.

Okay, sweet, no problem, I will exclude the social media, then I will inform your husband the recordings is from me, so he should try and inform the commissioner fast. Mrs. Sarah said and sent it. Well-done...I think this is from God. He seriously loves us, and I have learned my lesson, I will never be disobedient to Him no matter what. Should money, fame, or partners separate us from the love of God? Mrs. Tomiwa asked. No, nothing should separate us, but we have allowed money to keep us in bondage. The Holy Spirit was saying I should do my investigations before accepting the money from the chief, but no, 5 million nairas will not let me obey God... I am sorry, Jesus... Mr Lekan was crying out.

I am sorry, Jesus, I failed in correcting my man in love rather just because of what to eat and wear; I supported him and landed in the hands of the enemy... please save me, Jesus. Mrs. Sarah was praying. Holy Spirit, I know I have been stubborn for a while just because I also want to be known as a rich woman...I am sorry I am blind that you have settled everything...I am sorry I have forgotten that the life of a man is not in the abundance of what he has... forgive me, Jesus...I am ready to be broken. Mrs. Tomiwa was praying. The three of them held hands together and began to pray in the Holy Ghost. Something will soon happen. Sunday said, tapping Gbenga. What do you mean?

You know I used to be a Christian boy? So, I know when something bad is coming on the way, and from the dream I just had, I saw Jesus, and He told me to stop all these and accept the life He has for me. Sunday explained. Sunday, I think I need that life oo; how do I get it? Gbenga asked sincerely. What!!! Do you want to stop this job? You will suffer and be killed ooo. Sunday warned. When won't they kill me? If the boss didn't do that, the police would do it when they found us. At least, I will know I die knowing Jesus. Gbenga remarked. Okay o, if that's what you want... Tell Jesus everything, and He will answer you! I don't even know how to pray can't teach you. Sunday replied, sleeping back. 

Gbenga didn't sleep back and was just talking to Jesus as advised by Sunday when his attention was drawing to the faint noise coming from the prey's room. Please, pray for me...I want to accept Jesus!! Gbenga broke down crying. The three of them couldn't believe their eyes but had to pray for him and later joined them in prayers. A few minutes later. Ha!! Who invited the police? Boss woke up to the loud sound of a siren. Gbenga!! Sunday!!! Zaba!! Jag!!! Where are these guys?? Boss moved out and saw his boys kneeling with lots of police around. Where is Gbenga? Boss asked Sunday. Boss! I no know o! (I don't know) Darling, thank God you are safe. Mr. Sesan, Tomiwa's husband, said, hugging her after entering the room with the inscription "PREY'S ROOM." Thank you, my husband; God bless you. Thank you, Mrs. Sarah, that was a brave one you did. Mr. Sesan remarked. Thank you for the prayers and for leading me to Christ, but I can't follow you; I will have to surrender myself to any punishment as the boss will find me later and kill me. Gbenga said. What is happening, Mrs. Tomiwa? A police officer asked. She explained everything. You are under arrest, Mr. Gbenga. The police officer said.

Mr. Lekan stood in as Gbenga's lawyer though he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, and he did it joyfully introducing Jesus to others in the prison while the others were sentenced to fifty years imprisonment with hard labor because they tried to escape. Chief was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the killed girl's boyfriend was released. Since the kidnap, I have been so sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leadings, and my neighbors have been more committed to the things of God. Oh! I shouldn't forget this Lekan returned the chief's money, not everything, because he appeared at the court at the first sitting.

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