The Kind Hearted Beauty

THE KIND-HEARTED BEAUTY: To give is to open doors for greater opportunities...

One faithful day, a young man in his late twenties was seen walking up and down the road. He was sincerely begging people to help him. "Please, sir, I need your help; right now, I am stranded and don't know what to do; if you can help me with #3000, I will so much appreciate it, please, sir," the young man said to another young man he met. "Help you with what? Oh please, get out of my way; that's how you people will keep disturbing other people's peace," The young man barked in return. He pushed him so hard and went his way.

"Foolish people everywhere, this 20k that I want to give to my girlfriend for her hair is what you want me to deduct and give to you, nonsense," The guy murmured to himself. The young man continued going from one person to another; he was really frustrated. Again, he met three girls on their way home and decided to try out one more time. "Good day; please, can I ask you for a favor?" The man asked. "Good day; what favor?" The first lady answered with a disgusted look. "Please, I am stranded and in need of help. I need #3,000 to take me to my destination; I promise to pay back; you just have to give me your number, or even if you don't have the money, can I borrow your phone, please?" He pleaded, almost in tears.

"Oh! Sorry, I don't have enough money to spare, and I can't give you my phone either," The first lady replied with little or no emotion. "You should be ashamed of yourself that a young man like you is begging on the street; what a wasted nine months journey. Go and work hard; you won't, girls; please, let's get out of here," The second lady mocked and hissed. "Girls, I think this man here really needs our help. Since he said he would pay back, let's help him," The third lady suggested, and the other two burst into laughter. "Miss goody two shoes, you can go ahead and help him; as for me, I am out of here," The first lady said and left.

"Me too, see you at home" The second one left too, and the third lady exhaled deeply. "Sir, I really don't know what happened, but I just feel like helping you. My phone is faulty, and I have just this 4k with me; you can have the 3k," The lady named Sofia said as she brought out #4,000 from her bag and handed #3,000 to the man. "Thank you so much; you don't know what you have done. May God reward you abundantly. Please just write out your number and give it to me; I promise to pay you back once I get to my destination," The Man replied with a joyful heart. "No, you don't have to worry about that; just keep it," the lady replied. The man thanked her again, and they both went their different ways.

After some weeks, Sofia and her two friends went job hunting in a particular company. They are all graduates but still looking for a job. "Oh God, please, this job should not pass me by, oo," The first girl prayed as they sat patiently waiting to be interviewed. "Me too; I am tired of walking around the whole town with these files," The second girl lamented. "You can't be as tired as I am, swears," Sofia said as she shook her head. They were still waiting when a well-dressed young man walked past them. "Good morning, sir," They all greeted. "Good morning to you all," The man replied and turned to leave but swiftly returned his attention to them. "I know you," The man said, pointing at Sofia. "You know me, from where?" Confused, Sofia asked. "Some times ago, the guy you helped at the road," The man replied.

"Oh, yes! I remember, wow! You are looking great," Sofia beamed with a smile as realization dawned on her, and others just watched. "Thank you, what are you doing here?" He asked. "Well, my friends and I are here for job seeking, and you, what are you doing here?" She replied. "Well, this is my company," He replied, and they gasped loudly. "It's a lie; how come, the other day?" Sofia asked.

"That day, I was traveling, and unfortunately, I got robbed of everything, and I was left stranded," the man explained, but Sofia was too shocked to say anything. "Can I see your CV?" He asked, and Sofia handed the CV over to him. He went through it and nodded.

"Well, your kindness just paid off today, congratulations, for you have been offered a job in whatever position you are applying for, and I will be paying you a double salary," The man said.

"Aaaaaaah, thank you so much, sir; I am so grateful for this; God bless you, sir," Sofia shouted in excitement while the other two just hid their faces in shame. "You don't need to thank me; I am only returning a favor; just meet the receptionist; she will tell you what to do, see you around," The man said, waved at Sofia, and left for his office. Sofia's joy knew no bounds; this is one of the biggest companies in town and getting to work there comes with many benefits. Others left in shame and regret, while Sofia joyfully left to see the receptionist.


It's good to show kindness and help others when the need arises. But even if you don't have, be polite and kind with your words. Our actions today might create or mar opportunities for us tomorrow.

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