The Land Of My Ancestors

The Land Of My Ancestors: Come and feel the thrills of nature at Ezimo...

Bring me swiftly, on the wings of the wind.
To the loveliest and most wondrous of lands.
Strongly rooted in her might invincible.
Enchanting and prodigal of gracious gifts of nature.
Dazzling in her rare beauty.
A beauty that transcends mortal description.
Without further delay, take me to the sands of the land of milk and honey.
Where in joy infectious, youngsters hop and tumble.
Chirping birds craving to feel her peace, momentarily leave tree branches to bathe and sing choruses even at noon.
And animals burrow endlessly in confidence, where the completeness of nature is made manifest.
I'll savour her abundance of green vegetation.
Staring endlessly at the slender branches.
Where birds rest their flapping wings.
Singing away lilt lullabies with a melody of canaries.
As they entertain nature herself.
Who in quintessential mutualism feed them also, with the fruits of the nature they sing to.
I'll go to the streams and rivers of this enchanting land.
I'll take the whole time in the world to bathe in ecstasy.
Dive and do the Phelps thing.
I'll delight in her dazzling beauty.
Watching her glisten as she flows in serenity till she converges with her likes, where nature joins them as one.
To the great heights that rains torrents of water I'll hurry to.
To drench me as it rhythmically splashes torrents upon me.
I'll watch in ebullience as stones towering so high, cheerfully let out unending torrents of water.
In watchfulness, I'll relish this moment of bliss as it gurgles down its path.
In a submission to the course of nature.
Come you a lover of grace.
And behold amazing grace in her elegance.
Overflowing blessings you shall regard.
In awe and belief, you shall feed your soul.
Partaking of the meal whose delicacy you shall savour endlessly.
And yet desire more, for the satiety she leaves you in, is a door which makes you hunger to have more of her.
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